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Student Grade Appeals Procedures

Grade Appeals for Liberal Arts Courses

Revised May 26, 2011

A student who questions a grade received in a Liberal Arts course should first speak with the faculty member who assigned the grade to determine whether the two may arrive at a mutual understanding.

If a student’s concerns are not satisfied after this discussion, he/she may elect to initiate procedures to appeal the grade.

The procedures that follow apply to all Liberal Arts programs except the two programs identified below as having separate appeals processes.

1) A student must put the appeal to change a grade into writing, stating briefly and clearly the action requested and the reason(s) for the requested change. The student must present the written appeal to the faculty member who assigned the grade in question.

2) After reviewing the student’s written appeal, the faculty member will make a decision. If the appeal is approved, the faculty member will submit a grade change form to initiate the “change of grade” process. If the appeal is denied, the student may appeal in writing to the departmental chair. Departmental chairs and the Dean or the Dean’s representative, like the faculty member, will not review an appeal that is not made in writing.

Students must state clearly the specific request being made and include a brief statement of the reasons for the proposed change.

3) After reviewing the student’s written statement and after consulting with the faculty member, the departmental chair will make a decision regarding the grade appeal.

In reviewing a student’s appeal, the departmental chair will consider whether the professor adhered to guidelines for equitable treatment and to evaluation procedures identified on the course syllabus. Appeals must focus on specific departures from guidelines listed on the syllabus.

4) If a student is dissatisfied with the departmental chair’s decision, he or she may appeal in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs in Liberal Arts, who will confer with the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts to arrive at a final decision.

NOTE: The Liberal Arts programs listed below have unique procedures for grade appeals. A student who appeals a grade in one of the following programs must select the appropriate link and follow all its instructions instead of the instructions above.

Department of Anthropology
Department of Political Science