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 Students view rare edition of Joyce's Ulysses in Ireland

Students view rare book
Ulysses blinds Cyclops
Above: Students and faculty view rare edition of Ulysses with Matisse drawings.  Below: Matisse's illustration of Ulysses blinding Cyclops
October 2008—Breathtaking illustrations by the French painter Henri Matisse thrilled Texas State students and faculty when they got a private viewing of them during study abroad in Ireland this summer. The illustrations appear in a rare edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses, at the Glucksman Gallery, University College-Cork.

Matisse's work for Ulysses includes six original copperplate etchings and twenty photogravure reproductions of studies for the etchings on colored paper. The images depict subjects found in Homer's Odyssey rather than Joyce's recasting of the epic.

Tara Upchurch, a graduate student in Geography who saw the Joyce-Matisse edition, said, "I studied art as an undergraduate at Texas State, and Matisse is definitely a favorite artist of mine. To find out that he teamed up with James Joyce on illustrations of Ulysses blew my mind. I was thrilled that we had this opportunity for a private viewing. Seeing this special copy of the book gave me hope that art and literature along with other disciplines can meld together to create beautiful collaborations. I was truly inspired by the moment."

Study abroad in Ireland is directed by Steve and Nancy Wilson, both members of the English faculty. More information on the program is available from the Texas State in Ireland web site,