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Below are links to other areas of the Texas State website that you might find helpful:

Access Times

To find out your personal Access Times for Registration, follow these steps: 

    Access the Student Information System by clicking here
             You'll need to log in using your NetID (e.g., zzz99) and Password

    Select Student
    then Registration
    then Registration Status

    There you'll see a list of upcoming days and times during which you will be able to access the registration system

To see the breakdown of Registration Access Periods by student group for the entire registration period:

   Access the Registrar's Office Access Periods webpage

Closed Classes

Occasionally during registration, classes may reach maximum capacity and become closed. Liberal Arts advisors are not able to open seats for students; this ability resides with the department. If you are trying to get into a closed class, please contact the department in which the class resides to inquire about the procedure for closed class overrides. Please keep in mind that the number of students allowed into a class is restricted by the physical size of available classrooms and by fire codes. How to Use the Wait List Function

Error Messages

If you are being prevented from accessing the 'Registration & Schedule Changes' system in its entirety, the error messages below will not apply to you.  Instead, you should review the information regarding AccessTimes and/or Holds. 

Below is a list of commonly received error messages.  By clicking on a message below, you will be given an explanation of what the error message means and what your options are in responding to it and registering.

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To determine if you have a HOLD on your account that will prevent you from being able to register:

Access the Student Information System by clicking here
             You'll need to log in using your NetID (e.g., zzz99) and Password

    Select Student
    then Registration
    then Registration Status

    There you will be notified of any holds that are preventing you from acessing the registration system.

Types of Holds

Undergraduate Admissions Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2364)

AC - College Transcript
AH - High School Transcript
AI - International Student
AS - Test Scores
AT - Tuition Classification
AV - Tuition Verification

Health Center Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2161)

CC - Health Center

Disability Services Holds (inquire further at 512.245.3452)

DS - Disability Services

Financial Aid Hold (inquire further at 512.245.2315)

FA - FA General Hold

Housing & Residential Life Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2382)

HC - Learning Community
HF - Residence Life Financial
HI - Housing Informational
HJ - Residence Life Judicial
HR - Housing Requirement

International Office Holds (inquire further at 512.245.7966)

IO - International Office Hold

Dean of Students/Student Justice Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2124)

JJ - Dean of Students

Library Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2686)

LB - Library Hold
LG - Library General
LI - Library Stolen ID

Athletic Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2978 for Athletic Academic Center or 512.245.2561 for Laundry)

NG - Athletics General
NL - Laundry
NN - NCAA Monitoring Hold

Correspondence, Extension, and Study Abroad Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2322)

OD - Study Abroad and Extension

Parking and Traffic Holds (iquire further at 512.245.2887)

PP - Student Center Parking Garage
PT - Traffic

PAWS Preview Hold (inquire further at 512.245.8295)

SP - Paws Preview Hold
Students who begin Texas State with less than 30 hours must complete PAWS Preview. Students must also complete an alcohol awareness course online. Please see the PAWS Preview website for more information.

Student Business Services Holds (inquire further at 512.245.2544)

TB - SBS Collections Office
TC - Collections Hold
TE - Delinquent ETLP
TI - Installment Payment
TL - Delinquent Short Term Loan
TM - Miscellaneous Accounting Hold
TN - Delinquent ETLP - Loan Collections
TO - No Checks Accepted
TP - Perkins Loan

Texas Success Initiative Program Hold (inquire further at 512.245.3942)

TF - TSI Informational
TH - TSI Hold

Academic Advising Holds (contact your advising center)

VA - Department Advising Hold
VM - Change of Major Advising Hold
VN - New Student Advising Hold
VP - Probation Advising Hold
VU - Undeclared Major Advising Hold