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If you are not eligible for graduation but would like to participate in the commencement ceremony, review the Participant Policy below:

Graduation Requirements

All students must apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester that they plan to complete ALL graduation requirements.  
You must meet with your academic advisor to review your specific degree requirements as some requirements may vary depending on major, minor, catalog designation, etc.
Minimum Degree Hours and Advanced Hours
Most undergraduate degrees at Texas State require a minimum of 120 semester hours, including 36 advanced hours (junior and senior level courses).
Residency Requirements
To qualify for graduation with a bachelor’s degree, a student must complete, through Texas State coursework, at least 25 percent of the minimum number of semester hours required for the degree; within this requirement, at least 24 semester hours must be advanced and at least 12 hours of the advanced work must be completed in the major at Texas State. Additionally, at least 24 of the last 30 hours completed hours completed that are required for the degree must be taken at Texas State. 
Minimum GPA Requirements
          Minimum Texas State GPA of 2.00
Minimum major GPA of 2.25
Minimum minor GPA of 2.00
Individual departments and majors with Teacher Certification may have higher GPA requirements. Speak with your academic advisor about specific major requirements. 
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