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The Undergraduate Program

Students at commencementOutstanding programs in the College of Liberal Arts provide education in the traditional humanities and social sciences and in their practical application to professional careers.

The College of Liberal Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts in each of its nine departments: Anthropology, English, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. The Bachelor of Science is awarded in Anthropology, Geography, and Psychology. The College also offers three special degrees: the Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology (BSAS), the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS), and the Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA). The College also houses 29 interdisciplinary minors.

Undergraduate Degrees and Majors in Liberal Arts
Candidates for the bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts can choose a major from more than 30 exciting degree programs.

Undergraduate Minors in Liberal Arts
Bachelor's degree candidates must select a minor from the list of undergraduate minors in Liberal Arts or from another discipline within the University. Ranging from Medieval Studies to Studies in Popular Culture, the College's minor programs enhance the Liberal Arts degree.

Certificate Programs in Liberal Arts
The College of Liberal Arts offers several certificate programs that provide training in a professional field.

► Degree Requirements for Liberal Arts Majors
For current information about the minimum requirements for graduation (e.g. course hours, writing intensive requirement, gradepoint averages in the major and minor, and requirements in literature, science, and language), please make an appointment to talk with an advisor in the Liberal Arts Advising Center, (512) 245-1852, It is recommended that students visit with an advisor once a year.

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Advising for Your Liberal Arts Degree Plan
Visit The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center for help in preparing a degree plan to suit your needs and interests. Call (512) 245-1852 or e-mail for an appointment. Also, call or visit the Advising Center site to request a degree audit report, to calculate your GPA, to see dates and deadlines for applying for graduation, to sign up for the graduation ceremony, and more.