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Graduate Advising


Graduate students can choose to major in one of 20 degree programs designed to develop leaders in the professions and research.

For more information on the following graduate degree programs and majors in liberal arts, please click on the links below.  Information is also available from the online Graduate Catalog

Below, click on the program title to see full information about the program.  Click on the program director's or graduate advisor's name to send e-mail.


Master of Arts in Anthropology
    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Emily Brunson, (512) 245-6753

Master of Arts in Literature
    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Teya Rosenberg, (512) 245-7685
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
    Program Director: Mr. Doug Dorst, (512) 245-7681
Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition
    Program Director: Dr. Rebecca Jackson, (512) 245-8975
Master of Arts in Technical Communication
    Program Director: Dr. Miriam F. Williams, (512) 245-3733

Graduate Advisor: Ms. Allison Glass, MAG, (512) 245-2618
Program Director: Dr. Benjamin Zhan, (512) 245-8846
Master of Science in Geography
Master of Applied Geography
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography--Environmental Geography
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography--Geographic Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography--Geographic Information Science

Master of Arts in History
    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Montgomery, (512) 245-2116
Master of Arts in History—Public History
    Program Director: Dr. Lynn Denton, (512) 245-6196

International Studies
Master of Arts in International Studies
    Graduate Advisor: Mr. Jeremy Peña, (512) 245-2339

Modern Languages
Master of Arts in Spanish
    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Yuri Porras, (512) 245-2360

Master of Applied Philosophy and Ethics
    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Audrey McKinney, (512) 245-2047

Political Science
Master of Arts in Political Science
    Graduate Advisor: Dr. Cecilia Castillo, (512) 245-2143
Master of Arts in Legal Studies
    Program Director: Dr. Lynn Crossett, (512) 245-2233
Master of Public Administration
    Program Director: Dr. Patricia Shields, (512) 245-7582

Master of Arts in Psychological Research
    Program Director: Dr. Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek, (512) 245- 2526
    Program Specialist: Dolores Pergioudakis, (512) 245-3148
Program Director: Dr.Patti Giuffre,  (512) 245-8983
Associate Director: Dr. Rachel Romero, (512) 245-3035
Graduate Advisor: Lindy Knowles, (512) 245-2645
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Science in Applied Sociology 
Master of Science in Dementia and Aging Studies

Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies
Master of Science in Sustainability Studies