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Distinguished Alumni Achievement Awards 2009

Four distinguished alumni honored by the College of Liberal Arts

April 2009—The College of Liberal Arts honored four outstanding Liberal Arts alumni April 3 with the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award.  The award recognizes alumni for achievements in their professions and communities.  Honorees were chosen by the Liberal Arts faculty.  Read about the honorees' achievements below.

Dr. Ramiro Martinez Jr.

Dr. Ramiro Martinez, Jr.
BA Criminal Justice 1985, MS Sociology 1987
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Florida International University
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Dr. Charles Matthews Dr. Charles R. Matthews
Master of Public Administration 1999
Texas State University System
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Dr. Jill Pruetz Dr. Jill D.E. Pruetz
BA Anthropology 1989
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Iowa State University
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Mr. Bill Wright Mr. E.W. Bill Wright III
BA Sociology 1970
First Vice President-Investment Officer
Wachovia Securities LLC; Wells Fargo
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