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Naming Opportunities: Endowed Scholarships


Scholarship recipient Cassandra Benoist
Cassandra Benoist, recipient of the Jack Martin Scholarship in Political Communication:

"The scholarship is helping me to achieve my dream of obtaining a law degree and becoming a prosecutor."

Many talented and deserving Liberal Arts students need scholarships to assist with the cost of attending the University and preparing for meaningful and fulfilling lives. Establishing a named scholarship or fellowship endowment will give you the opportunity to assist well-qualified students with the cost of their college studies, freeing them to learn and grow. It will also give you the opportunity to be recognized for your commitment to higher education or to honor or memorialize another person. You can meet the recipients of your scholarship endowment to learn about their plans during and after college and discover what a difference your gift has made!


Establishing an Endowed Scholarship

Alumni and friends of the College of Liberal Arts have established more than 80 named scholarship endowments. We wish to thank these generous givers for their vision, and hope you will join them in supporting the College. Please take a moment to peruse the list of Endowed Scholarship Funds in Liberal Arts.

Donors are motivated to establish scholarships for many reasons. You may decide to establish a named scholarship endowment:

  • because you want to make a difference for a student who would benefit from your gift
  • because you want to create a memorial to someone you love by naming a scholarship for them
  •  because you have an intense interest in a particular program and want to see fine students enter it
  •  because you are grateful for the gifts you have received in your life
  •  because giving is part of your financial or estate planning and it has tax advantages
  •  because you want to challenge others to give


Fellowship recipient David Hadbawnik
David Hadbawnik, recipient of the W. Morgan and Lou Claire Rose Foundation Fellowship in Creative Writing:

"The Fellowship means the chance to be a student, to have time to write, and to receive productive criticism from other good writers."

When you decide to establish an endowed scholarship fund, the University Development Foundation will work with you to name the fund, to establish the scholarship criteria, and to designate the department or program privileged to award the scholarship. You may want the scholarship recipients to qualify on the basis of financial need, academic standards, geographic region, academic discipline, or specific talents. Endowments are invested by the Texas State Development Foundation for maximum return of income within the approved guidelines of the Board of Regents. The endowment remains intact, and only interest is used for scholarship awards. A portion of the interest is reinvested in the fund to enable it to grow.

Endowed scholarships can be established at the following levels:


  • Undergraduate Scholarship -- $25,000
  •  Presidential Scholarship -- $50,000
  •  Graduate Fellowship -- $100,000

Scholarship awards usually range from $500 to $5,000 per year for each recipient. The number of awards will be determined by the amount of the endowment and the amount of earnings on the endowment.

Contacting Us

Endowments can be funded with cash, marketable securities, real estate, life insurance, bequests, or retirement plans. For more information and to fund an endowment, please contact:

University Advancement
(512) 245-2396