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Mid-Semester Check-in with the Associate Dean. (Probation Students)

This form is for students who were reinstated by the Associate Dean and are on probation with a TXST GPA of less than 2.0.  Each fall and spring semester, reinstated students must check in with the Associate Dean until their TXST GPA  is 2.0 or better. As a student on probation, Advising and Contract Holds have been placed on your account, preventing you from registering for classes in the upcoming semester. In order to register for classes, you are required to take the following steps:

FIRST, you must see an academic advisor either in your major department or in the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center Your advisor will discuss courses that can be taken in the next semester and remove your advising hold. Be sure to retain a copy of the proposed course schedule so that it can be shown to the Associate Dean.

SECOND, submit the completed form below to the Associate Dean after October 15 or March 1, depending on the semester.  Since you will not be able to register until the Associate Dean removes your holds, allow enough time (at least one week) before your registration time period so that you can register on time.  Attach all of the requested items, including a copy of the proposed courses provided by your academic advisor.

THIRD, look for the Associate Dean’s email (, which will tell you the next steps, and may include setting up an appointment before registration can be completed. 

PLEASE NOTE: For more information regarding suspension policies, please visit the section of the Undergraduate Catalog.