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Message from the College of Liberal Arts on the Verdict

The verdict in the Chauvin trial was pivotal. We humanists and social scientists in the College of Liberal Arts understand that this verdict does not undo generations of social injustice. However, history shows us that moments like this one are important milestones in advancing social change. We are Bobcats with shared values of civility, compassion, respect, inclusiveness, and a sense of community and belonging. We support Black faculty, staff, and students, and we denounce bigotry, racism, and hate.

We echo the sentiments of President Trauth’s message, and we encourage participation in the events for community reflection. We invite you to join us at college-hosted events that support inclusion, equity, and diversity, including the Inspired Interactions with Tamekia Mizladi Smith, TED speaker and founder of EDU Arts, on April 27 at 12 p.m. for students and 6 p.m. for faculty and staff.