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Past into Present | 11 a.m.

Undergraduate Academic Center 382

Activities and conversations that translate the art, literature, geography, and technology from ancient to modern civilizations and history to better understand ourselves and our world.

Dr. Carolyn Boyd, Anthropology

Dr. Boyd is the Shumla Endowed Research Professor and Founder of the Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center, where she documents and interprets Pecos River Style rock art in southwest Texas and Coahuila, Mexico.

Dr. Nicholas Herrmann, Anthropology

Dr. Herrmann is helping teams that are excavating the unmarked graves belonging to patients who died in Mississippi State Asylum. He is digitizing and transcribing admissions and discharge records to help recover the stories from so that families can look up their ancestors. 

Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente, History

Dr. de la Puente will share new findings about the khipu, an ancient accounting tool made from strings and knots or beads used by the Inca people and Spanish colonists for census and community record-keeping.

Dr. Jeff Helgeson, History

Dr. Helgeson traces the rise of corporate power over urban politics, and residents’ responses to it, since the 1970s in Boston, Massachusetts. The story is essential to understanding and building upon the recent rise of democratic movements in U.S. cities.