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New Perspectives on Race & Gender | 2 p.m.

Undergraduate Academic Center 474

Activities and conversations about the significant impact of race and gender on medical ethics, pop culture, politics, and the Southwest.

Dr. Ashleen Bagnulo, Political Science

Dr. Bagnulo examines the Western Civic Republic tradition, from St. Augustine and Machiavelli to Montesquieu and James Madison. She will share her work tracing the philosophical sources of the American founding back to Native American and African experiences and origins. 

Dr. Katie Kapurch, English

Dr. Kapurch examines girl culture, media studies, and youth and popular culture. She will share her work tracing the girl group and girl culture influences on the Beatles.  

Dr. Geneva Gano, English

Dr. Gano is the Jones Professor at the Center for the Study of the Southwest. She studies the influence of the Mexican Revolution on the development of U.S. modernism across the arts, as well as women writers in the greater Southwest. She'll share her research on Chicana author Sandra Cisneros’ relationship to San Antonio and Texas.