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Generational Well-Being | 4 p.m.

Comal 116

Activities and conversations about emerging research in gerontology, mental health, cognitive impairment, social psychology, and health mapping.

Dr. Rebecca Deason, Psychology

Dr. Deason studies how we learn and remember items, how memory is altered or impaired by aging and disease, and how we can use preserved memory processes to improve the daily lives of older adults and patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Katherine Warnell, Psychology

Dr. Warnell studies social cognitive development in neurotypical kids and those with autism. She uses naturalistic behavioral and eye-tracking methods to understand the complexities of real-world social interaction.

Dr. Nicole Taylor, Anthropology

Dr. Taylor explores contemporary social issues related to education and health through the analytic lens of language practices. She'll share recent findings from recent work, one of the first ethnographic studies of social media use by young people.

Dr. Jennifer Clegg, Psychology

Dr. Clegg studies children's cognitive and social development in a variety of cultural contexts. She'll share her new findings on music and learning, as well as family influence on belief in religion and science.