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Faculty Awards 2006

Presidential Awards to Liberal Arts faculty


Steve Wilson Steve Wilson, English—
Alumni Association Teaching Award of Honor
Dr. Britt Bousman Dr. Britt Bousman, Anthropology—
Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly
and Creative Activities
Dr. Kenneth Margerison, History—
Faculty Senate Everette Swinney Teaching Award
Dr. Paul Hart, History— Presidential Fellow

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Golden Apple Awards
University Awards
Dean's Excellence Awards
Grants and Development
Special Accolades

Golden Apple Awards

Excellence in Teaching

Dr. James Pohl, Professor, History
Dr. Victoria Smith, Assistant Professor, English

Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity

Dr. Britt Bousman, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Dr. Shirley Ogletree, Professor, Psychology

Excellence in Service

Dr. Gary Hartman, Associate Professor, History
Dr. Teya Rosenberg, Associate Professor, English
Ms. Irene Hindson, Senior Lecturer, History


University Awards


Dr. Marilynn Olson, Professor, English
Ms. Sharon Miley, Senior Lecturer, Sociology

Scholarly and Creative Activities

Dr. Victoria Bynum, Professor, History
Dr. James McWilliams, Assistant Professor, History


Dr. Sally Caldwell, Assistant Professor, Sociology


Dean's Excellence Awards


Dr. Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler, Professor, English
Dr. Audrey McKinney, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Mr. Alan Atchison, Senior Lecturer, History
Mr. Richard Henderson, Lecturer, Political Science

Scholarly/Creative Activities

Dr. Kathryn Ledbetter, Associate Professor, English
Dr. Toni Watt, Associate Professor, Sociology
Dr. Mark Fonstad, Assistant Professor, Geography
Dr. Reiko Graham, Assistant Professor, Psychology


Dr. George Weinberger, Professor, Political Science
Dr. Richard Boehm, Professor, Geography
Dr. Marc Turner, Senior Lecturer, Psychology
Dr. Beth Erhart, Assistant Professor, Anthropology


Grants and Development

Grants Funding Award

Dr. Robert Larsen, Professor, Geography

Grants Management Award

Dr. Britt Bousman, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Dr. Robert Larsen, Professor, Geography

Charitable Gifts Award

Dr. Dennis Dunn, Professor, History


Special Accolades

Alumni Teaching Award of Honor

Mr. Steve Wilson, Professor, English

Minnie Stevens Piper Professor

Dr. Chris Frost

NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities

Dr. James Housefield, Associate Professor, Art and Design

Professors of International Studies

Dr. Byron Augustin, Professor, Geography
Dr. Fred Day, Professor, Geography
Dr. David Stea, Professor, Geography
Dr. Dennis Dunn, Professor, History
Dr. Joseph Yick, Professor, History
Dr. Robert Gorman, Professor, Political Science