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Revised Liberal Arts Procedures for Selecting Nominees for Presidential Awards

Revised November 2009

In order to encourage more Liberal Arts faculty to apply for Presidential Awards, we will follow a simplified selection procedure in the College. Here are the details:

Departments and individual faculty may nominate candidates (self nomination is NOT acceptable). Nomination packets are due to the Dean’s office, FH 313, by 5 p.m. on the second Friday in February.

The initial nomination packet will consist of the following:

  • A letter of support from the person nominating the candidate, explaining why the candidate should receive the award. (This letter may be written by the candidate on his/her own behalf).
  • A vita prepared by the candidate emphasizing achievements in the award area (teaching or service or scholarly/creative activity).

Members of Liberal Arts Council will review the nomination packets and meet to select nominees who will go forward to the University level. There will be a total of up to twelve nominees: two at the professor/associate professor level and two at the assistant professor/instructor/lecturer level in each of the three award areas. Candidates will also be designated for College runner-up awards in the event that the University provides additional award funds.

The twelve nominees will be notified (usually by the end of February) that they have been selected to compete at the University level. Each nominee will then have until 5:00 pm the Monday after Spring Break to post their materials, in an electronic format, to the TRACS site that is specific to the committee and individual faculty nominee. Nominees will be contacted by a representative of Instructional Technologies, and receive instructions guiding them in the posting of their nomination form and supporting documentation, as spelled out in PPS 6.11.

Eliminating the preparation of all the documentation for the initial College-level nomination process should help encourage wider participation in the process. Presidential Award winners receive $5,000, and those sent forward as nominees to the University level are eligible to receive (and usually do receive) a $2,000 award. Liberal Arts Golden Apple Award winners also come from this pool of nominees.