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Liberal Arts Council Minutes

22 February 2006, 2:00 pm, Flowers Hall 313
(Approved by Liberal Arts Council, 1 March 2006)

Presiding: Dean Ann Marie Ellis
Recording: Associate Dean Daniel Lochman
Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Susan Day, Frank de la Teja, Robert Fischer, Michael Hennessy, Vince Luizzi, Jon McGee, Theron Stimmel, Philip Suckling.
Guests: Jim Garber, Jamie Tiemann

1. LAC minutes of 2/15/06 approved (program learning outcomes, curriculum issues, Strategic Plan updates, chair’s annual review, Graduate College scholarships and fellowships, CAD updates).

2. Congratulations. (a) To Vince Luizzi (PHIL) and LA staff Elizabeth Denton and Nina Wright for their success in attaining financial support from the Anthem Foundation for the Dialogue Series. (b) To Paul Hart (HIST), Frank de la Teja (HIST), and Carole Martin (MOD LANG) for assisting Ron Brown at the Parents’ Academic Showcase. (c) To David Butler (GEO) for his outstanding presentation on environmental change in the Western mountains delivered at the 39th Presidential Seminar.

3. Facilities Management. Dr. Jim Garber distributed handouts and discussed the results of recommendations by the University’s Classroom Review Committee (chair: Dr. Pat Cassidy): one History classroom (TMH 110) and one Psychology classroom (Psych 318) are to be taken off-line temporarily to permit critically needed repairs apart from the regular schedule for renovation. Dr. Garber also mentioned that Flowers Hall 130 may still be designated as a critical need in 2007 if funding permits. Chairs seeking information may contact Pamela Zumwalt in the VPAA’s office and Joe Ellis in Facilities Management. To a question from Dr. de la Teja, Dr. Garber replied that, so far as possible, Facilities Management schedules renovations when classes do not meet. Dean Ellis pointed to the critical needs for repair of FH 341, including the seating in that classroom; she will visit with Nancy Nusbaum about this issue. Dr. Garber encouraged chairs to examine the handouts to identify and report any errors in the scores for rooms listed on the Committee’s rubric.

4. Liberal Arts SAP Training. Ms. Jamie Tiemann, Liberal Arts Budget Specialist, presented a handout that outlines the training session she and Leslie Garrett, Administrative Assistant in the Department of English, have devised to help administrative assistants in Liberal Arts learn to read SAP budget reports. Dean Ellis noted that the College’s intent is to have very skilled departmental administrative assistants be able to access and use budget reports. Ms. Tiemann presented to the Council participants’ evaluations that reveal the sessions are considered very helpful. In the future, she hopes to provide departments with regular updates about features of the SAP reporting system. The Dean noted that the University has made progress in adapting SAP to the academic environment, a trend that must extend into the next academic year. The Council expressed its gratitude to Jamie and Leslie for their helpful initiative to improve departments’ understanding of the system.

5. Curriculum Issues: Dr. Lochman reported on the meeting of the Faculty Advisory Council on 2/16/06. The Faculty Advisory Council reviewed and approved a total of 67 proposed additions, deletions, and changes to courses in Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts Council reviewed and approved by consensus all listed course proposals. Dr. Luizzi expressed concern regarding graduate course proposals for a proposed program that the Provost has not yet approved. Dean Ellis suggested that these course proposals may be submitted together with a reformatted proposal being revised to meet a new requirement from the Coordinating Board for program proposals. The Council also discussed the purpose and nature of non-credit courses proposed to ensure completion of students’ exit interviews and portfolios.

6. Announcement of LA Presidential Award Nominees. Dean Ellis announced the College nominees based on the chairs’ ratings of submitted nomination packets.

7. College Policies

A. Employment of faculty without terminal degrees. Dean Ellis provided a handout of policies used by the Department of History to guide employment of faculty without terminal degrees. In response to questions from Drs. Day and Fischer, the Dean replied that each department must adapt the guidelines from the example to fit its specific circumstances. Departments are to submit their policies to the Dean before May 1 in order to meet the President’s deadline. To Dr. Hennessy’s question of whether the policies must apply to teaching assistants and lecturers as well as tenurable and tenured faculty, the Dean suggested that the policies should be drafted with language suited to all faculty in the department. Dr. Hennessy volunteered to distribute a draft of a policy justifying exceptions for those teaching undergraduate courses. Dr. de la Teja volunteered to send out the policy in History as a template for the Council.

B. Foreign language publications submitted for tenure and promotion. Dean Ellis distributed to the Council Dr. Luizzi’s draft of an amendment to Liberal Arts Promotion and Tenure policies regarding the review of materials submitted for tenure and promotion in a foreign language. A revised version of the policy will return to a future agenda.


• Friday, February 24, 2-4, ELA 245: Study Abroad Council meets with guests—Pat Cassidy, James Andrews and Isis Gomez.
• Wednesday, March 1: Deadline for departments’ recommendations of faculty to attend the 2006 Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Institute (May 15-19 and May 22-26). For additional information, contact Sandra Mayo at 5-2361 or at
• Wednesday, March 1: Deadline for nominations for the Teaching Award of Honor. Information and nomination forms are available at
• Wednesday, March 1: Deadline for nominations for the Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award. For a nomination form and information, see
• Wednesday, March 1: Deadline for nominations for the LBJ Outstanding Senior Award. For information and a nomination form, see
• Wednesday, March 1: Deadline for nominations for the Sallie Beretta Outstanding Senior Woman Award. For a nomination form, see For information, contact the Dean of Students office at 5-2124.
• Wednesday, March 1: Deadline for nominations for the Walter Richter Humanitarian Award. For additional information, call 5-2371. For a nomination form, see
• Friday, March 3, 2-5 pm, Alkek 105-106: University Curriculum Committee meets.
• Friday, March 3: Deadline to submit applications for Undergraduate Student Awards to students’ major departments. Nominations for Graduate Student
Awards are also due to the major department.
• Friday, March 10, 5 pm: Deadline for documentation to the Dean’s office for eligible applicants/nominees for Outstanding Graduate / Undergraduate Students.
• Monday, March 20: Departments and centers are to provide the Dean’s office with names and addresses of students to be recognized for Academic Excellence at Liberal Arts Awards Day ceremonies.
• Tuesday, March 21, 5:00 pm: Deadline for nomination packets for Student Commencement Speakers. Turn packets in to the Dean’s office.
• By Friday, March 24: LAC will evaluate and rank applicants / nominees for Outstanding Graduate / Undergraduate Student.
• Tuesday, March 28: Chairs complete selection of finalists as Student Commencement Speakers, if necessary.
• Wednesday, March 29, 2 pm, ELA 245: Dr. Joanne Smith will present to Liberal Arts Council “Millennials Come to Campus: A New Generation of Students.”
• Wednesday, March 29: Nomination packets for Student Commencement Speakers are due in the Provost’s office.
• Friday, March 31: Deadline to submit student learning outcomes and measures for all undergraduate and graduate programs to Dr. Fleuriet.
• Friday, March 31: Deadline for updates of strategic plans
• By Monday, April 3: Dean Ellis will name and convene a College Selection Committee to consider all departmental Upper Level Scholarship nominees in Liberal Arts.
• Friday, April 7, 5:00 pm: Deadline to submit proposals for Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 lecturers or other activities sponsored by the University Lecturers Committee. Send proposals via email to Pat Heath (
• Thursday, April 20, 6 pm, Alkek Teaching Theater: Liberal Arts Awards Day

Around the table

Dean Ellis distributed travel accounts information received from Dr. Cassidy to departmental chairs.

Dr. Stimmel reported problems experienced by Psychology faculty at the Testing Center and asked for information about any similar experiences. The Council agreed that the problems should be reported to Larry Price, Acting Director of the Testing Center.