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Liberal Arts Council Minutes

13 January 2010, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Ann Marie Ellis
Recording: Associate Dean Britt Bousman

Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Shirley Ogletree, Philip Suckling, Bob Fischer, Jon McGee, Craig Hanks for Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Mike Hennessy, Dennis Dunn, Frank de la Teja

Guest: Dr. Marc Turner

1. The minutes for the LAC meeting on 12 December 2009 were unanimously approved.

2. Congratulations: Mark Fonstad (GEO) who was appointed Environmental Sciences section editor of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

3. Liberal Arts in the News: a) The University web site (12/17) announced that alumna Melba J. T. Vasquez (ENG, POSI) has been elected as president of the American Psychological Association for 2011; b) The research of Kelly Haskard Zolnierek (PSY) relating to physician-patient interactions was cited in the APA Monitor on Psychology (“A prescription for empathy” Jan. 2010, Vol. 41, No. 1, p. 46) with specific reference to her work with Robin DiMatteo of UC Riverside on physician communication and patient adherence to treatment, published in the August 2009 issue of Medical Care (Vol. 7, No. 8); c) Congratulations to Ann Friou, Communications Officer for the College of Liberal Arts, for her outstanding stories in the newest issue of HillViews. Ann’s story on Craig Hanks as a new NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor who is focusing on technology and ethics shows how Texas State professors are addressing current social issues. Her story “Biography Written in Bone” on Kate Spradley's African archaeology, and the story on the "Front Porch," creative writing journal published by our MFA students were excellent. Thank you, Ann! d) Also in this issue was a wonderful story about Professor Al Sullivan, Political Science; e) Also, there were features on Kelly Frels, Distinguished Alumnus and founding LA Advisory Board member; Ken Wilson, Distinguished Alumnus and current LA Advisory Board member; and Ross King, Distinguished Alumnus and current International Studies Board member. In this Chris Covo, ASG President, is quoted in the story about Texas State; Chris, along with Tommy Luna, ASG Vice President, are both Political Science majors. In the section entitled "Faculty Works," nearly all the books are by Liberal Arts professors including Professors Opheim, McWilliams, Grimes, Osborne, Gorman, Jaffe, Grasso, Hanks, Beebe, Forrest, and Ledbetter, along with alumnus Steve Davis and former English faculty member, Susan Wittig. Well done, all.

4. Grant Awards: a) Donald Inbody (POSI) was awarded grant funding from the Swedish National Defense College for developing a web-based forum and course on civil-military relations; b) Dick Boehm (GEO) was awarded funding from OSP for his proposal entitled “Geography: Teaching with the Stars.”

5. Review-Draft Proposals for Computing Resources Requests (Dr. Marc Turner):
• Vicky Brittain discussed the Political Science proposal for Evans computer lab ($23,616).
• Mike Hennessy discussed the English proposal for the Writing Lab ($14,760).
• Phil Suckling discussed two proposals for Geography (1st--$24,600-GIS Lab room 123 and 2nd--$20,664-Remote Sensing Lab room 122).
A vote was taken to rank the proposals. Dean Ellis commented that all were very worthy and much needed projects.

6. Review of Proposals for New Master’s Programs/Certificates: Only considering graduate proposals and four have been prepared
• MA in Public History (History)
• Global Studies (International Studies)
• Geoinfomatics (Geography)
• MA Applied Philosophy and Ethics (Philosophy).

Dean Ellis commented that all of these programs would move forward with her full support.

7. Grant-writing Workshops and Other Information: Britt Bousman is planning to offer Grant Workshops for LA faculty during the spring semester on finding funding sources with the Community of Science (COS) database, project design with MS Project, organizing budgets, and post-award responsibilities. He also suggested that the department consider assigning a senior faculty as a departmental grant mentor.

Around the Table:

• Ms. Jennifer Grant, our director of advising, reported that if 70% of office is trained as a Texas State Ally; the office is classified as a “Safe Office.” Dean Ellis will inquire if that refers to staff only or to faculty.
• We are moving forward to fill the vacancy in our advising office.
• Ms. Pat Heath is retiring; we are working on a plan for her replacement.
• Ms. Karen Julian, Career Services, indicates that Apple Computer wants to work with LA students to train them for Tech Support positions. They plan to come to campus for a lunch meeting to inform LA faculty and staff about opportunities in tech support.
• Dean Ellis provided information from Vice President Becky Prince provided on available scholarship funding for Liberal Arts through Development Foundation scholarship endowments.
• The Student Information Systems (SIS) Steering Committee is interested in discussing the project with folk in the Academic Affairs division. The best way to communicate with chairs is through the Council of Chairs. Individual chairs should inform their Administrative Assistants about the program. Dr. Fischer indicated that there was a general concern about implementation and ease of use for the new program.

The meeting was adjourned.

Announcements and Reminders:

Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• January 29: Deadline for nominations for Outstanding Student Employees
• January 31: Deadline for nominations for Mariel Muir Mentoring Excellence Awards
• February 1: Deadline for nominations for Sallie Beretta Outstanding Senior Woman Award (
• February 12: Deadline for nominations for Presidential Awards for Excellence
• February 18: Deadline for nominations of Outstanding Graduate Student and Undergraduate Student in Liberal Arts due to Dean Grayson
• March 1: Deadline for nominations (from Chairs to Dean Ellis) for the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute (
• March 31: Dean completes FARS certification
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2010 (
• May 29: 2009-2010 Academic Affairs Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results reviewed/approved by chairs/directors
• July 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Fall 2010 (


• January 26: H1N1 Flu Shot Outreach (11-4, LBJ Ballroom)
• January 28: Texas State Blood Drive (9-4, JCK 1100)
• February 20: Bobcat Day
• April 7: Common Experience: Sir Ken Robinson speaks on creativity (8:00, LBJ Student Center Mall)
• April 8: Liberal Arts Awards Ceremony (6:00, Alkek Teaching Theater)
• May 14: Spring Commencement (10:00, Strahan)

Professional Development:

• January 26: Budget Class: Report Fundamentals (
• January 26: Workshop: Databases: Enhancing Your Research with Just a Few Clicks ( by 1/25)
• January 26: Workshop: Current Issues in College Student Mental Health: What Faculty and Staff Need to Know ( by 1/19)
• January 27: Workshop: Copyright Law and University Policy ( by 1/20)
• January 29: Grant Workshop: Finding Funding – COS Search Engine for Foundations (11-12, MCS 363) (contact Britt Bousman:
• February 3: Budget Class: Budget to Actual Report (
• February 3 or 4: Workshop: Information Security – Level I (2-4:30 or 10-12, JCK 460) ( 2010.html by 1/27)
• February 10: Budget Class: Budget-Related Reports – Review and Tips & Tricks (
• February 12: Grant Workshop: Research Design & Project Planning with MS Project (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• February 18: Budget Class: Budgeting by Position (
• February 26: Grant Workshop: Project Budgets on Excel (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• March 19: Grant Workshop: Post Award (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• April 2: Grant Workshop: Research Design & Project Planning with MS Project (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• April 30: Grant Workshop: Project Budgets on Excel (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• May 21: Grant Workshop: Post Award (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• May 21-25: Technology Workshop (w/stipend): Creating Your Online Course
• May 24-28: Technology Workshop: Technoshop
• August 2-13: Technology Workshop (w/$1,200 stipend): Integrating Technology (Proposals by May 11; information at

SACS Information:

• January-February: Texas State responds to off-site SACS review
• February 8: Quality Enhancement Plan due to SACS
• March 23-25: On-site SACS peer review conducted
• May 28: 2009-2010 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results reviewed/approved by chairs/directors
• June 15: 2009-2010 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results audited by Associate Deans for Academic Assessment
• June 30: 2009-2010 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results reviewed/approved by Deans
• October 15: 2010-2011 Student Learning Outcomes, Mission Statement, and Methods audited by Associate Deans for Academic Assessment
• December 1-7: Review by Commission on Colleges


• May 3: Last day of classes, Spring 2010