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Liberal Arts Council Minutes

20 January 2010, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Ann Marie Ellis
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Shirley Ogletree, Frank de la Teja, Bob Fischer, Jon McGee, Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Mike Hennessy, Dennis Dunn, Philip Suckling, Britt Bousman, Nancy Grayson

Guest: Ms. Emily Edwards

1. The minutes for the LAC meeting on 13 January 2009 were unanimously approved.

2. Congratulations: to a) to Ulrich Bach, Matthew Juge, and Tanya Weimer (all MODL), David Butler and Niem Tu Huynh (both GEO), Kyong H. Chee (SOC), Kerrie Lewis (ANTH), and Leah Renold (HIST) for being awarded Library Research Grants for 2010; and thanks to b) Brock Brown (GEO) and Jennifer Grant (SOC) for their excellent work on the University’s QEP Task Force.

3. Liberal Arts in the News: a) The fall/winter edition of Hillviews covers the efforts of Lynn Denton (HIST) and her graduate students in public history to collect information and record oral histories to preserve the history of Aquarena Springs Resort (p. 65-66); b) Christi Conlee’s (ANTH) research in Peru will be featured on a television special on Feb. 21 at 7:00 central time on the National Geographic Channel (2/21, 7:00 p.m., for preview) and in the March issue of National Geographic Magazine. Her work will also appear in a short article in National Geographic Kids as well as in additional information and photos on the NGS web site.

4. Compliance with HB 2504 (HO):
a. Compliance Plan is due by fall 2010
b. Implementation in spring 2011

Dean Ellis distributed a memo detailing the newly adopted rules of the Coordinating Board in compliance with House Bill 2504 concerning the on-line posting of faculty CVs, syllabi, and evaluations. It was noted that abbreviated CVs will be acceptable. Dean Ellis also distributed an excerpt of PPS 4.01 regarding conduct and planning of courses, highlighting new requirements for syllabi that should go into effect for summer 2010. Dean Ellis announced that the Provost will convene a committee to formulate several course evaluation questions to be administered in all courses beginning spring 2010, the results of which will be posted on line.

5. SACS Visit:
a. Seven of eleven SACS reviewers, including the chair, have Liberal Arts
b. Off-site committee feedback (HO)
c. Other important issues: absolutely no contact (unless asked)

Dean Ellis distributed and reviewed the list of SACS reviewers. (Cathy Fleuriet will provide bios and photos of reviewers.) Dean Ellis provided Council members with feedback from the SACS off-site review and summarized the review team’s recommendations. Council members recommended faculty members familiar with each department’s assessment process to interview, if requested, with the SACS team. It was stressed that Texas State faculty are not to have contact with members of the SACS review team (unless invited) during the accreditation process. Dean Ellis announced that all chairs and Dr. Dunn are expected to be in the area and available throughout the month of March. Chairs are to compile a list for Dean Ellis of program changes that have come about either directly or indirectly as a result of the assessment process. She will inform all Liberal Arts faculty of these program improvements and thank them for their assistance in the assessment process.

6. 5% Budget Cut (HO)

Dean Ellis distributed Governor Perry’s announcement that all state agencies will reduce their budgets by 5% for the 2010-2011 biennium. She noted that requests for new staff positions would be considered this week at the President’s Council.

7. Deans will continue to review and approve adjunct needs

Dean Ellis informed Council members that she will submit forms/spreadsheets to Dr. Bourgeois (via Jamie Donaldson) for the reimbursement of departmental budgets. She reminded chairs that the coming academic year (beginning with mini-session/summer 2010) is a counting year, for budgetary purposes.

8. Liberal Arts Awards Day: Dean Grayson

Dr. Grayson asked Council members if they objected to the nomination of students who have recently graduated for the awards of “Outstanding Graduate Student” and “Outstanding Undergraduate Student”. After some discussion, Council members agreed to leave the decision to Dean Grayson and Dean Ellis.

Around the Table:

Dr. McGee voiced concern about receiving needed funds to replace faculty who will go on developmental leave. No word as yet on this.

Dean Ellis reviewed the upcoming nominations from Liberal Arts for Distinguished Professors Emeriti.

The meeting was adjourned.

Announcements and Reminders:

Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• January 28: Deadline for chairs to send Dean Ellis examples of best closed-ended course evaluation items
• January 29: Deadline for nominations for Outstanding Student Employees
• January 31: Deadline for nominations for Mariel Muir Mentoring Excellence Awards
• February 1: Deadline for nominations for Sallie Beretta Outstanding Senior Woman Award (
• February 12: Deadline for nominations for Presidential Awards for Excellence
• February 15: Deadline for chairs to send lists of SACS-related program accomplishments/improvements to Dean Ellis
• February 18: Deadline for nominations of Outstanding Graduate Student and Undergraduate Student in Liberal Arts due to Dean Grayson
• March 1: Deadline for nominations (from Chairs to Dean Ellis) for the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute (
• March 31: Dean completes FARS certification
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2010 (
• May 29: 2009-2010 Academic Affairs Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results reviewed/approved by chairs/directors
• July 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Fall 2010 (


• January 26: H1N1 Flu Shot Outreach (11-4, LBJ Ballroom)
• January 28: Texas State Blood Drive (9-4, JCK 1100)
• February 20: Bobcat Day
• April 7: Common Experience: Sir Ken Robinson speaks on creativity (8:00, LBJ Student Center Mall)
• April 8: Liberal Arts Awards Ceremony (6:00, Alkek Teaching Theater)
• May 14: Spring Commencement (10:00, Strahan)

Professional Development:

• January 26: Budget Class: Report Fundamentals (
• January 26: Workshop: Databases: Enhancing Your Research with Just a Few Clicks ( by 1/25)
• January 26: Workshop: Current Issues in College Student Mental Health: What Faculty and Staff Need to Know ( by 1/19)
• January 27: Workshop: Copyright Law and University Policy ( by 1/20)
• January 29: Grant Workshop: Finding Funding – COS Search Engine for Foundations (11-12, MCS 363) (contact Britt Bousman:
• February 3: Budget Class: Budget to Actual Report (
• February 3 or 4: Workshop: Information Security – Level I (2-4:30 or 10-12, JCK 460) ( 2010.html by 1/27)
• February 10: Budget Class: Budget-Related Reports – Review and Tips & Tricks (
• February 12: Grant Workshop: Research Design & Project Planning with MS Project (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• February 18: Budget Class: Budgeting by Position (
• February 26: Grant Workshop: Project Budgets on Excel (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• March 19: Grant Workshop: Post Award (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• April 2: Grant Workshop: Research Design & Project Planning with MS Project (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• April 30: Grant Workshop: Project Budgets on Excel (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• May 21: Grant Workshop: Post Award (11-12, MCS 364) (contact Britt Bousman:
• May 21-25: Technology Workshop (w/stipend): Creating Your Online Course
• May 24-28: Technology Workshop: Technoshop
• August 2-13: Technology Workshop (w/$1,200 stipend): Integrating Technology (Proposals by May 11; information at

SACS Information:

• January-February: Texas State responds to off-site SACS review
• February 8: Quality Enhancement Plan due to SACS
• March 23-25: On-site SACS peer review conducted
• May 28: 2009-2010 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results reviewed/approved by chairs/directors
• June 15: 2009-2010 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results audited by Associate Deans for Academic Assessment
• June 30: 2009-2010 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Results reviewed/approved by Deans
• October 15: 2010-2011 Student Learning Outcomes, Mission Statement, and Methods audited by Associate Deans for Academic Assessment
• December 1-7: Review by Commission on Colleges


• May 3: Last day of classes, Spring 2010