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Liberal Arts Council Minutes

3 November 2010, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Ann Marie Ellis
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Shirley Ogletree, Mary Brennan (for Frank de la Teja), Robert Fischer, Jon McGee, Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Mike Hennessy, Dennis Dunn, Philip Suckling, and Associate Deans Nancy Grayson and Britt Bousman

Guests: Dr. Heather Galloway, Mr. Curt Schafer, and Mr. Chris Jones

1. The minutes for the LAC Fall Retreat on 22 September 2010 were unanimously approved.

2. Loss of a colleague: We in Liberal Arts regretfully acknowledge the passing of our friend and colleague, Frank Josserand, Professor Emeritus in the Department of History.

3. Congratulations: a) to Ollie Seay (PSY) who has been selected as the Texas Psychological Association’s 2010 Psychologist of the Year. The award will be presented at the TPA Annual Convention in Dallas on Thursday, November 4th; b) to Tim' O'Brien (ENG) whose novel The Things They Carried has been published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in a special twentieth-anniversary hardback edition. Designated by The New York Times as a Book of the Century, it now has more than two million copies in print; c) to Kent Reilly (ANTH) who has been invited to contribute to a companion volume of a peace medal exhibit to be displayed at the Gilcrease Museum at the University of Tulsa. Kent has also been selected as this year’s Texas State nominee for Piper Professor; d) to Octavio Pimentel (ENG) whose panel, organized for the 2011 Conference on College Composition and Communication with three graduate students from the MARC program (Casie Moreland, Shana Hamid, and Kristin “Cheyenne” Riggs), has been selected as a "featured panel" for the convention next March. This designation is rare for a panel consisting of three master's students from a single school. It will bring national exposure to the MA in Rhetoric and Composition; e) to Frank de la Teja (HIST) for being invited to participate in a training workshop for the exhibition of La Salle’s supply ship, La Belle, at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum; Frank has also been elected to serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors of Humanities Texas; f) to geography faculty, staff, grad students, and former grad students who participated in paper presentations and other events at last month’s National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) annual meeting held in Savannah, GA. National awards went to: Dick Boehm (Distinguished Mentor Award), Niem Huynh (E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller Award for Research in Geographic Education), Judy Behrens (Outstanding Support for Geographic Education Award), and Brian Earle, who received his PhD from Texas State in December 2008 (Natoli Dissertation Award); g) to Josefina Ibarra, political science major and vice president of Texas State’s Latino Student Association, who is interning with Congressman Henry Cuellar in Washington D. C., and who was recently selected to serve on the Student Advisory Council for the American Association of University Women. Josefina was also chosen through a casting call to take part in the Youth Town Hall: "A Conversation With President Obama" which aired live (10/14) on MTV, BET, and CMT; h) to Kanya Godde and Kyra Stull (both ANTH) and graduate students Alexandra Millard and Thomas Stott, who recently assisted the Travis County Sherriff’s Office in a criminal investigation involving the analysis of human remains. Based on their work, the investigators were able to establish that the victim was murdered and have enough evidence to issue a warrant for the arrest of a suspect. Their work was reported in the Austin-American Statesman (10/25, “Arrest in Travis County Man’s Death”); i) to Dan Utley (HIST) who will be awarded the Charlton Lifetime Achievement Award by the Texas Oral History Association. Dan will be honored as the 8th recipient of this award on December 4 at Texas State’s Round Rock campus; j) to geography alumnus Edris Montalvo, who was selected the 2nd-place winner in the Outstanding Dissertation Award Competition sponsored by the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education and the Education Testing Service. Edris’ doctoral dissertation committee members were Brock Brown, Rich Earl, and supervisor Lawrence Estaville (all GEO); k) to Britt Bousman (ANTH) who has been asked to chair Texas State’s new Council on Funded Research, which is charged with advising the Provost on matters related to the acquisition and administration of grants; l) to Sally Caldwell and Susan Day (both SOC) who were recognized by Panhellenic organizations for their excellent teaching as part of “Month of the Scholar” (as reported in The University Star, 10/28).

4. Liberal Arts in the News: a) the University web site announced (9/1) that Texas State’s undergraduate chapter of Psi Chi, the national psychology honor society, has been selected has been selected as a model chapter; and b) announced (9/10) the schedule for the Fall 2010 Philosophy Dialogue Series; c) geography senior, Angelika Fuller, was featured in The University Star (9/2, “Student Protects Forests, Immigrants”) regarding her recent internship with the U.S. Forest Service. Angelika and mentor Mark Carter (GEO) were interviewed for the piece; d) Frank de la Teja (HIST) published an op-ed piece in the September issue of Texas Border Business detailing the dynamic relationship between Mexico and Texas culminating in the second Texas War of Independence 1835-1836 (“Ties that Bind: Texas and Mexican Independence”). He was also interviewed regarding Mexico’s role in Texas History for herencia hispana (“Texas también debe celebrar”, 11/7); e) the fall edition (40.1) of hillviews leads off with a feature on recently-graduated honors student Ben Sullivan (ENG/PHIL) who presented his paper "ALS and Lou Gehrig: A Caregiver's Story" at the Baseball Hall of Fame Conference in June; hillviews also announced recently-published books by Dan Utley (HIST), Angela Murphy (HIST), Ana Romo (HIST), Sandra Mayo (MCGS), Vicki Bynum (HIST-ret), Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek (PSY), Dianne Rahm (POSI), and Frank de la Teja (HIST); f) Mary Brennan (HIST) is cited in a feature on Pat Nixon (“Pat Nixon: A Painful Life in Rough Politics,” p. 52) in the current U.S. News and World Report Special Collector’s Edition on America’s First Ladies; g) Kerrie Graham (ANTH) was cited in an article (“Recess,” p. 44) on theories of non-mammalian play in The Scientist 24.10 (, 10/1); h) Gary Hartman (HIST) was interviewed about the uniqueness of Texas music and Texas State’s Center for Texas Music History for the cover story (“The Mystique of Texas Music”) of the September/October issue of Country Lifestyle (; i) Nancy Wilson (ENG) was interviewed in The University Star (9/30, “Writing Center speaker focuses on post-college, career adaptability”) about the lecture of Texas Freedom Network’s communications director, Dan Quinn, who delivered the first guest presentation of the Writing Center’s series: Writing Beyond the University; j) the University web site posted the Austin-American Stateman’s review of Tom Grimes’ (ENG) highly acclaimed novel, Mentor: A Memoir (10/12, “Review of ‘Mentor,’ a memoir by Tom Grimes”); k) the Texas State blog ran a profile of Psychology’s Undergraduate Internship Program, coordinated by Robyn Rogers (PSY); l) NPR interviewed Bob Price (SOC) on 10/21 about the impact of time-keeping devices on society; j) Britt Bousman (ANTH) was quoted in an article from Science Now on prehistoric stone technology (10/28, “Stone Age Toolmakers Surprisingly Sophisticated”); k) Rebecca Bell-Metereau (ENG) received the endorsement of the San Antonio Express-News in her race for Texas’ State Board of Education (10/17, “SBOE could use some educators”

5. Grants: Reiko Graham and Natalie Ceballos (both PSY) have been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health for a study titled “A Cross-Cultural Study of Changes in Alcohol-Related Processing in Female College Freshmen” (correction to LAC minutes 8/25); Kate Spradley (ANTH) has received a second year of funding from the National Institute of Justice to continue her work on new data and methods for sex and ancestry estimation for individuals considered Hispanic. She has also received a grant from Mississippi State University to conduct isotopic and elemental bone analysis; Robert Larsen (GEO) and GPP Assistant Director Ronald Stephenson received a research grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to investigate storm water processing; Britt Bousman (ANTH) has been awarded a grant from the National Parks Service to conduct a recalibration survey of quarry pit location data; Jennifer Jensen (GEO) has been awarded an Instructional Technology grant for her project: Additive and Subtractive Color Theory; Pat Shields (POSI) has been awarded a grant from the Office of the Attorney General Family Initiatives to ensure support for military children.

6. Computer Refresh Cycle (Associate Dean Britt Bousman):

Dr. Bousman and Dean Ellis updated Council members on funding for refresh computers. The College will use funds available for the purchase of printers to cover cost overruns for refresh (and broken/stolen) computers in the current refresh cycle. Faculty with computers that are at least three years old are eligible for refresh. Computer upgrades will not be paid for using this funding. Chairs should communicate their orders to Jamie with a copy to Dr. Bousman.

7. University Honors Program (Dr. Heather Galloway):

Dr. Galloway, Director of the University Honors Program at Texas State, addressed the Council regarding the recent growth of the Honors Program. She distributed information detailing the representation of Liberal Arts students and faculty in honors courses and theses, and outlined a proposal to transition the Honors Program to an Honors College.

8. Career Services and PACE (Mr. Curt Schafer and Mr. Chris Jones):

Mr. Chris Jones, Career Services Liaison to Liberal Arts, distributed the following information from Career Services: the Fall 2010 College of Liberal Arts Liaison Report, the 2009-2010 Liberal Arts Activity Report, and tables detailing the FY 2010 participation of Liberal Arts students in Jobs4Cats Observations, On-Campus Interviewing, and Job Fairs. Mr. Jones previewed Career Services events for spring 2011 and asked Council members to encourage faculty to publicize these events in their classes.

Mr. Curt Schafer updated Council members on the current status of the PACE initiative. The search committee, on which Dr. Brittain serves, is working to hire a dean for PACE and University College by summer 2011. Each college will appoint a liaison to work with PACE advisors in organizing student events specifically designed for the freshmen of that college. Student learning outcomes will primarily be assessed using evaluation instruments and online portfolios related to PACE-oriented University Seminar classes.

Off-agenda item: Dean Ellis updated Council members on the projected funding to be available for Liberal Arts students to travel to present research or creative work. Funds to be received from the Texas State Student Service Fee Committee as well as support from the Liberal Arts Advisory Board and a grant from the Parents’ Association will help to partially fund most student travel requests as well as assist with the Model Organization of American States, the Model Arab League, and the Ethics Bowl teams.


Around the Table:

Dr. Hennessy distributed a table indicating comp time and overtime hours for Liberal Arts staff. He raised a question about the difference between FLSA overtime, as addressed at the CAD meeting (10/19), and state comp time. Dean Ellis explained that state comp time is accrued only when a staff member has not worked a 40 hour week, but has worked overtime some day or days that same week. FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) overtime is earned when a staff member works a 40 hour week and has also worked overtime.

The meeting was adjourned.

Announcements and Reminders:

Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• November 19: Deadline to submit Liberal Arts scholarship committee appointees to Dean Grayson (
• November 19: Class Schedule 1st Edits for Summer 2011 due to Registrar’s Office
• November 19: Chair informs affected 2nd year faculty of reappointment action taken, in writing
• November 24: Class Schedule 1st Edits for Fall 2011 available through CatsWeb
• December 1: Chair/director submits his/her recommendations for tenure/promotion, along with those of the PC, to the dean
• December 10: Class Schedule 1st Edits for Fall 2011 due to Registrar’s Office (departments lose first call)
• January 3: Class Schedule Final Edits for Summer 2011 available from CatsWeb
• January 5: Annual Performance Evaluation of Faculty and Post-Tenure Review of all faculty begins and should be completed by March 1
• January 11-25: Meetings with chair and PC held to review untenured continuing
faculty in their 1st contract year
• January 13: Class Schedule Final Edits for Fall 2011 available from CatsWeb
• January 15: Deadline to upload course proposals (changes, adds, and deletions) to the TRACS site (LA Curriculum 10-11)
• January 26: PC submits form for reappointment of untenured continuing faculty in their 1st contract year to chair
• January 28: Class Schedule Final Edits for Summer 2011 due to Registrar’s Office
• January 31: Deadline to submit Muir Mentoring Award nominations to Dean Ellis (
• February 1: Chair submits forms for reappointment of untenured continuing faculty in their 1st contract year to the dean. If the department has no 1st contract year faculty, a written report of that fact should be submitted
• February 3: Chair must inform each affected 1st year faculty of reappointment action taken
• February 11: Class Schedule Final Edits for Fall 2011 due to Registrar’s Office
• February 11: Deadline to submit nominees for Presidential Awards for Excellence to Dean Ellis
• March 1: Annual Performance Evaluation of Faculty and Post-Tenure Review of all faculty should be complete
• March 22-April 15: Meetings with chair and PC held to review untenured continuing faculty in their 2nd, 3rd,or subsequent contract year
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2011 (
• April 29: Chairs complete appropriate portions of the form regarding each faculty member in the 2nd contract year subject to further review or in the 3rd or subsequent contract year as necessary and submit written recommendations to the dean. If the department has no faculty members in the second contract year subject to further review or in the third or subsequent contract year, a written report of that fact should be submitted
• May 4: Chairs write to each faculty member in the 2nd contract year subject to further review or in the 3rd or subsequent contract year for whom a recommendation has been submitted to inform them of the recommendation
• July 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Fall 2011 (


• November 22: International Faculty Luncheon Reception (11-1, LBJ Ballroom)
• December 2-3: Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference
• December 17: Fall Commencement (10:00 a.m., Strahan)
• March 4: Symposium on Women and Gender, Population, and the Environment: Towards a Greater Understanding of the Intersections between Social and Reproductive Justice, Health, and Sustainability Issues (9-12+, LBJ Ballroom)

Professional Development:

• October 12-November 30: Beginning and Advanced Technology Workshops: SAP, Access 2007, Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007, OneNote 2007 (
• November 19: Grant Workshop: Post-Award (11-12, MCS 364) (
• November 22: Workshop: Job Classification Training: Supervisors and Employees (2:30-4:30, Alkek 102 or RRHEC 364) ( by 11/15)
• November 22-23: Workshop in Austin: Grants Training (
• November 29: Workshop: Staff Performance Training: Supervisors and Employees (2:30-4:30, JCK 460) ( by 11/22)
• November 30: Workshop: Research Compliance Overview (2:30-3:30, JCK 460) ( by 11/23)
• December 1: Technology Workshop: Introduction to Digital Still Photography (9-12, Alkek 148) (
• December 3: ITS Workshop: Survival Skills for Online Teaching (1-2:30, JCK 119)
• February 18: The National Science Foundation Workshop: NSF Day at Texas State University (8-4:30, LBJ Ballroom) (NSF Days)

• November: International Education Month
• November 18: The Writing Center’s “Writing Beyond the University Speaker” Series presents Joseph Madden, Chief of Staff for State Representative Garnet Coleman and Executive Director of the Texas Legislative Study Group (4:00, FH G04)
• November 23 & 30: GSP Review Sessions (12-1, FH G04)
• November 24 & December 1: GSP Review Sessions (11-12, FH G04)
• November 18 & December 2: GSP Review Sessions (5-6, FH G04)
• December 6: Last day of classes, Fall 2010