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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2011

7 December 2011, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Dennis Dunn, Bill Kelemen, Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Susan Day, Bob Fischer, Vince Luizzi, Dan Lochman, Phil Suckling, Vicki Brittain, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: Dr. Dann Brown, Dean of University College/PACE and Ms. Jennifer Grant, Director of the Liberal Arts Advising Center

1. PACE:

Dean Dann Brown distributed an Advising and Mentoring Transition Plan and a Framework for Connecting PACE Academic Advising to College Academic Advising. Dean Brown discussed with Council members his ideas for the articulation of advising responsibilities among the PACE Center, college advising centers, and faculty advisors beginning in summer and fall of 2012. He noted that the transitioning of 2nd year students from PACE to college advising represents a significant challenge. Dean Brown is currently working to develop strategies to facilitate this transition and to emphasize student responsibility throughout the advising process. He also plans to improve the efficiency of advising through various technological initiatives including the scanning of all relevant documents into the Banner system and the installation of on-site computer kiosks to provide students with immediate registration access. Areas of concern raised by Council members and Ms. Grant included how career advising is to be undertaken and the potential consequences of restricting enrollment in US 1100 (University Seminar) to students with 15 or fewer credit hours. Council members are also concerned that the multiple advising layers between PACE and academic departments, combined with a lack of discipline-specific knowledge on the part of PACE advisors, may complicate the efficient registration of students into the appropriate classes.

Dean Brown distributed a draft call for applications and nominations for PACE faculty liaisons and solicited input from Council members, particularly regarding the preferred qualifications of Liberal Arts liaisons to PACE. As currently envisioned, each liaison (one per college) will receive an administrative release of 50% to represent his/her academic college in the implementation of PACE initiatives such as the organization of college-specific PACE events, the recruitment of academic/career mentors from among college faculty, and the maintenance of relevant resource databases. Duties will entail planning, implementation, assessment, and reporting related to these activities. Dean Brown addressed Council members’ questions regarding liaison workload assignments, administrative support for liaisons, replacement faculty for classes left unstaffed by liaison appointments, and funding for these adjunct faculty. Dean Hennessy noted that he and Council members would discuss which faculty classifications would be appropriate for the liaison position.
2. Departmental M&O:

Dean Hennessy updated Council members on current plans for the distribution of M&O funding for departmental budgets. Due to the likelihood of further reductions in state funding, M&O budgets for FY13 may not be increased. Chairs discussed related issues such as the fate of unspent M&O monies and the possibility of creating new faculty positions from existing adjunct faculty funding or the conversion of senior lecturer positions to tenure-track lines.

3. DAAA Event:

Dean Hennessy announced plans for the College’s annual event honoring recipients of our Distinguished Alumni Achievement Awards. The ceremony will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Headliners Club in Austin, and will recognize three highly accomplished graduates from Liberal Arts programs at Texas State.

4. Computer Refresh:

Associate Dean Bousman will assist Dean Hennessy in compiling a list of Liberal Arts faculty who will participate in the annual computer refresh cycle. The list will include tenured and tenure- track faculty and senior lecturers. Dr. Bousman will contact chairs to finalize the list and develop a formula for distributing available equipment among departments. Council members discussed several related issues, including the computer options most appropriate for their respective research faculty, the possibility of upgrades to mid-level units, and the computing needs of teaching assistants and lecturers.

Around the table:

Ms. Grant and Associate Dean Grayson noted that student transcripts should soon be available through Banner.

The meeting was adjourned.


Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• January 5 – March 3: Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation and Post-Tenure Review
• January 10 – 24: Chair and PC review continuing faculty in 1st contract yr.
• January 12: Deadline to apply for Mental Health Research Grants (for tenure-track professors) (
• January 15: Deadline to upload course proposals (changes, adds, deletions) to the curriculum TRACS site (LA Curriculum 11-12)
• January 25: PC submits recommendation for 1st yr. faculty to chair
• January 27: Summer 2012 Schedule of Classes final edits due to Registrar’s Office
• January 31: Nominations for Muir Mentoring Awards due to dean (
• February 1: Chairs submit reappointment forms for 1st yr. continuing faculty to dean
• February 3: Chairs inform 1st yr. continuing faculty of reappointment action
• February 10: Nominations for Presidential Awards for Excellence due to dean
• February 10: Fall 2012 Schedule of Classes final edits due to Registrar’s Office
• February 20: Deadline to apply for Online Resource Grants (
• March 1: Deadline for Summer Pre-doctoral Fellowship Applications (
• March 19 – April 16: Chair and PC review continuing faculty in 2nd contract yr. or 3rd or subsequent contract yr.
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2012 (
• April 30: Chairs submit reappointment forms for faculty in 2nd contract yr. or 3rd or subsequent contract yr. to dean
• May 1: Deadline for chairs to provide list of faculty eligible for tenure/promotion in 2012-2013
• May 4: Chairs inform faculty in 2nd contract yr. or 3rd or subsequent contract yr. of reappointment action

Liberal Arts and Related Events:

• March 30: Symposium: “Occupying Free Speech: Getting Women’s Voices Heard” (9-3, LBJSC) (abstracts by 1/31 to


• January 17: Spring 2012 Classes Start