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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2011

16 February 2011, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Ann Marie Ellis
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Shirley Ogletree, Frank de la Teja, Catherine Jaffe, Jon McGee, Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Mike Hennessy, Phil Suckling, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: Dr. Jaime Chahín and Ms. Yolanda Quintanilla

1. Liberal Arts Council minutes from 9 February 2011 were approved.

2. Congratulations: a) to Tim O’Brien (ENG) whose book, The Things They Carried, was chosen for the 10th annual Mayor’s Book Club and will be recognized by Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell at the Mayor’s Book Club opening event on March 5; b) to Anthropology alumnus Kirk French, who is the co-host and creator of a new television series, American Treasures, which will air on the Discovery Channel beginning February 22; c) to Mary Brennan (HIST) whose upcoming book, Pat Nixon: Embattled First Lady, was reviewed in an article in the Washington Post online (2/14,; and d) to Joseph Kotarba, Susan Day, and the department of Sociology for receiving President Trauth’s approval to establish The Center for Social Inquiry at Texas State.

3. Liberal Arts in the News: a) the Lockhart Post-Register (2/10) highlighted the work of three MFA creative writing students, Brett Bisceglia, Ledia Xhoga (both fiction writers), and Katie Ellison (poet), who recently gave a half-day creative writing workshop for students in the Lockhart public schools as part of a project supported by a new English endowment, which is funding scholarships for MFA creative writing students and making possible the collaboration between the MFA program and Lockhart ISD; b) the San Marcos Daily Record (2/10, printed an article about the Women and Gender Research Collaborative Symposium, organized by Sandra Mayo (MCGS), to take place on March 4; c) in News from the Hill (Winter 2011) President Trauth recognized David Butler (GEO) for being named one of two Texas State faculty members to be honored with the title of Regents Professor and Frank de la Teja (HIST) for being unanimously selected by Humanities Texas (a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities) to serve on its board of directors; d) the University Star interviewed Steve Wilson (ENG) as a member of the faculty senate regarding possible changes in the approval process for faculty development leaves (2/8, “Development-leave approval procedure under review”); and e) the University Star reported on Rachel Eliza Griffiths’ poetry reading hosted by the Katherine Anne Porter Literary Center on February 11 (2/15, “Poet speaks on perception of people”).

4. Title V Graduate Education Proposal:

Dr. Jaime Chahín and Ms. Yolanda Quintanilla distributed materials tracking graduate student enrollment in Liberal Arts programs from 2007-2011, and specifically indicating numbers and percentages of full-time Hispanic graduate students. Dr. Chahín reported that he is working to obtain a grant to help fund the graduate studies of incoming Hispanic MA and PhD students across the University. Departments would be asked to contribute some matching funds. The program would fund cohorts of 10 MA students for 18 months to 2 years, and 24 3-year doctoral fellowships.

Council members and Dr. Chahín discussed matters such as whether TA positions could be used to “match” grant funding, whether graduate students in terminal master’s programs such as the MFA could be eligible for the 3-year fellowships, and how the awards would be distributed among colleges. Council members agreed that they would welcome these types of awards for their graduate students.

5. Proposal for the Center for Middle American Research:

Dr. Jon McGee asked the Council to consider Dr. John Garber’s proposal to establish the Center for Middle American Research. The proposal was unanimously approved.

6. Proposal for the Center for Certificate in Location Analysis:

Dr. Philip Suckling presented a proposal to offer an undergraduate Certificate in Location Analysis. The proposal was unanimously approved.

Off-agenda items from Dean Ellis:

Dean Ellis requested that responses for chair evaluations be submitted to her by March 10.

Chairs are invited to consult the book: 501+ Great Interview Questions for Employers in the Liberal Arts library.

Dean Ellis reminded chairs to seek assistance with the demands of increasing workloads.

Dean Ellis encouraged Council members to attend Tuesday’s meeting (2/22, 3:30-4:30) with Associate Provost Gene Bourgeois in the JCK Reed Parr Room to discuss ongoing concerns about the graduate admissions process.

The meeting was adjourned.




Announcements and Reminders:

Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• February 28: Deadline for chairs/directors to send to Dean’s office nominations for Presidential Upper Level Scholarships
• March 1: Annual Performance Evaluation of Faculty and Post-Tenure Review of all faculty should be complete
• March 1: Deadline for completion of staff performance appraisals
• March 1: Deadline to submit proposals to Dean (via Chair) to participate in the 2011 Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute (stipend) (
• March 1: Deadline for chairs to submit to Dean nominees for Excellence in Diversity Awards (
• March 4: Deadline for chairs/directors to rank nominees for Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student and send results to Kathy Scott (
• March 4: Deadline for Dean Ellis to submit nominations for Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita (PPS 6.01)
• March 10: Deadline for chairs to submit information for chair evaluations to Dean Ellis
• March 10: Deadline to submit proposals to sponsor Guest Lectures for fall 2011 and spring 2012 (
• March 14: Deadline for nominations for University Staff Council Awards (
• March 22-April 15: Meetings with chair and PC held to review untenured continuing faculty in their 2nd, 3rd,or subsequent contract year
• March 22: Deadline to submit proposals for EPA (CARE) grant funding (
• March 25: Deadline for chairs to send nominations for Presidential Upper Level Scholarships to Dean’s office (PPS 6.05)
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2011 (
• April 18: Deadline to submit proposals for Service Learning Faculty Fellows Program (Randall Osborne / / “Faculty Fellows Proposal” in subject line)
• April 29: Chairs complete form regarding faculty members in the 2nd contract year subject to further review or in the 3rd or subsequent contract year as necessary and submit written recommendations to the dean.
• May 4: Chairs write to faculty members in the 2nd contract year subject to further review or in the 3rd or subsequent contract year for whom a recommendation has been submitted to inform them of the recommendation.
• May 31: Deadline for chairs/directors to approve Student Learning Outcomes results, action plans, and evidence improvement
• July 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Fall 2011 (
• August 1: Application deadline for Faculty Fulbrights ( (further information: Steve Wilson


• March 3: Presentation: “U.S. and Mexico Relations” by Jim Kuykendall, Political Officer with the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (6-9, LBJ Ballroom)
• March 4: Symposium on Women and Gender, Population, and the Environment: Towards a Greater Understanding of the Intersections between Social and Reproductive Justice, Health, and Sustainability Issues (8:30-1:00+, LBJ Ballroom)
• March 9: Texas State Blood Drive (9-4, JCK 1100)
• March 28-April 1: Career Services Liberal Arts Week
• April 9: Bobcat Build (8:30 am, Bobcat Stadium East parking lot) (
• April 14: Liberal Arts Awards Ceremony (6:00, Alkek Teaching Theater)
• April 16: Bobcat Day (LBJ Student Center)

Professional Development:

• Spring 2011 Instructional Technologies Workshops: (
• March 1: Faculty Development: Panel: Infusing International Content Into Your Courses (11-12:30, Alkek 105/106) (
• March 1: Workshop: Designing Surveys for Quality Improvement or Outcomes Assessment (8:30-10:30, JCK 460) (
• March 1: Application deadline for NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes Grants (
• March 9: Workshop: Life Cycle of Sponsored Programs (1:30-3:30, JCK 460) (
• March 10: Workshop: Introduction to the Grant Application Management Systems (GAMS) (1:30-3:30, JCK 623) (
• March 22: Workshop: Overview of Grants Management with SAP Updates (GAMS) (1:30-3:30, JCK 420) (
• March 24: Workshop: Research Compliance Overview (2:30-4:30, JCK 460) (
• March 24: Workshop: EEO Training for Employees (Non-Supervisors) (8:30-12, JCK 1100) (
• May 18-27: Workshop: Creating and Teaching and Online Course (w/stipend) ( by 3/25)
• May 11-20: Workshop: Creating and Teaching and Online Course (w/stipend) ( by 3/25)


• March 1: Deadline for applications for 2011 Summer Predoctoral Fellowship Program (
• March 13-20: Spring Break
• May 2: Last day of Spring classes