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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2011

9 February 2011, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding and Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Shirley Ogletree, Frank de la Teja, Catherine Jaffe, Jon McGee, Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Mike Hennessy, Dennis Dunn, Phil Suckling, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: John McBride, Michelle Moritz, Floyd Quinn, David Wiley, Jennifer Grant, Chris Jones

1. Congratulations: a) to Lynn Crossett (POSI), who has been nominated to serve on the national American Bar Association (ABA) Commission beginning in August 2011; b) to Johanna Ostling, a PhD student advised by Richard Dixon (GEO), who has been selected to represent Texas State among our University's delegation to the Alpha Chi National Honor Society meeting in San Diego; c) to Jose Silvan-Cardenas (advisor – Benjamin Zhan) and Edris Montalvo (advisor – Lawrence Estaville) (GEO), who are two of five finalists for the AAG Nystrom Dissertation Award. Jose and Edris will present papers based on their dissertations at the annual AAG (Association of American Geographers) meeting to be held in Seattle in April; d) to MAL student Heather Anastasiu (ENG) who has signed a three-book contract with St. Martin's Press for GLITCH, a young-adult trilogy; and e) to MFA graduate Rene Perez (ENG) who has signed a contract with the University of Arizona Press to publish his collection of short stories, Along These Highways.

2. Liberal Arts in the News: a) Heritage (Vol. 4, 2010) interviewed Lynn Denton (HIST) in reporting on the symposium, “Texas: The Big Picture,” hosted by the Gonzalez Memorial Museum as part of a public history initiative designed to enrich the role that museums and historic sites play in history education as well as to improve classroom teaching. Frank de la Teja led and moderated the symposium. Dwight Watson and Joaquin Rivaya-Martínez (both HIST) and Texas State history alumni Patrick Cox, Steve Hardin, and Rebecca Kosary also participated; b) as featured on the University web site, KVUE Local News reported on Kate Spradley’s (ANTH) pioneering work in indentifying human remains along the U.S./Mexico border (“Central Texas anthropologist making forensic breakthroughs,” 1/21,; c) the Austin American Statesman (2/6/11) published an article by Elizabeth Bishop (HIST), addressing the current situation in Egypt.

3. Human Resources:

Mr. John McBride reported on the development of a new web site that Human Resources has implemented to provide information and support for administrators and administrative assistants on a wide range of matters including marketing, purchasing, and SAP. Council members were urged to review the site and make suggestions for improvement, which will be submitted to the web site support committee. Human Resources will also host two half-day help/information sessions (twice each year) for administrative assistants on the 11th floor of JCK.
Ms. Michelle Moritz updated Council members on Bobcat Balance, the University’s work life program available to all faculty, staff, and benefits-eligible graduate students. Rose Treviño coordinates the program, which offers counseling, information, and advising on issues such as legal matters, health, travel, elder care, and daily living. Feedback on Bobcat Balance during its first year of operation has been positive.

Ms. Moritz reported that Texas State will receive funding as part of a pilot group of employers tasked with developing policies for the implementation of the Texas Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative, which is intended to assist employees who are nursing mothers. Policy language will be made available soon.

Human Resources will host their annual Financial Planning Fair on March 30 with several “lunch and learn” workshops.

Chairs were reminded to send all new faculty (mid-year hires) to Human Resources in a timely fashion to schedule New Employee Orientation.

Mr. Floyd Quinn announced the implementation of the EASY system (version 7) for job applicants. One of the advantages of the new application system is that it accepts almost any attachment format. Mr. Quinn reminded Council members that staff performance appraisals are due to Human Resources by April 22. Forms are available on the Human Resources web page: Employee Relations Forms.

Mr. McBride updated Council members on a pen-and-ink change in UPPS 04.04.16 relating to overtime and compensatory time, stating that non-exempt employees can be required to use overtime for vacation. He also stressed the importance of timely reporting of termination of staff and student employees so as to avoid overpayment.

In response to questions from Council members, it was noted that GOJAs must be certified on staff evaluations by both employee and supervisor. Chairs requested permission to submit appraisal and GOJA documentation electronically. Mr. Quinn reported that the possibility of uploading and storing all employment documentation directly through TRACS is currently being investigated. For the present, all documentation must be submitted to Human Resources in hard copy format. Mr. Quinn noted, however, that a new system for submitting PCRs electronically to the data center will go into place as early as this calendar year.

Mr. McBride discussed the issues associated with the dismissal of employees. He recommended that termination decisions be discussed in advance with Human Resources.

4. University Honor Code:

Dr. David Wiley distributed materials relating to the University Honor Code. He reviewed the procedures to be followed by faculty, chairs, and deans when a student is accused of academic dishonesty. He also outlined the Honor Code Committee’s role in conducting hearings for students who decline to accept their instructor’s charge or their recommendation for penalty.
5. Degree Works/Banner:

Ms. Jennifer Grant updated Council members on Degree Works, the new degree auditing system at Texas State. She asked chairs to send her the name, net ID, and PLID of anyone who will work with degree audits. Ms. Grant will come to departments to provide training in Degree Works and Banner. Fall registration will be conducted entirely through Banner. In the future, all advising will also be conducted using Banner. With the new system, chairs will be able to see how many students have been advised to take a given course.

6. Liberal Arts Career Week:

Mr. Chris Jones from Career Services reported on plans for Liberal Arts Week, which will take place March 27 – April 1. He distributed materials indicating the various activities available to students and the many companies that will participate in the Nonprofit Information Fair on March 29. Mr. Jones invited Council members to recommend other businesses that might be interested in taking part. He also asked each department chair to send him the names of students to receive invitations to the “Night of Networking” formal dinner on March 29.

7. Bobcat Day:

Ms. Grant reported that Bobcat Day is having consistent increases in attendance among students and parents. She is working to organize information about Liberal Arts departments in a way that is more consistent and polished than in previous years. In addition to the information tables, there will now be break-out sessions about degrees in Liberal Arts. Ms. Grant asked if chairs or other faculty could attend these sessions to respond to questions from participants.

The meeting was adjourned.

Announcements and Reminders:

Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• February 21: Deadline to submit proposals for One-Time Online Resource Grants (
• February 25: Deadline for chairs/directors to send to Dean’s office names and addresses of students to be recognized for Academic Excellence at Liberal Arts Awards Day
• February 29: Deadline for chairs/directors to send to Dean’s office nominations for Presidential Upper Level Scholarships
• March 1: Annual Performance Evaluation of Faculty and Post-Tenure Review of all faculty should be complete
• March 1: Deadline for completion of staff performance appraisals

• March 1: Deadline to submit proposals to Dean (via Chair) to participate in the 2011 Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute (stipend) (
• March 1: Deadline for chairs to submit to Dean nominees for Excellence in Diversity Awards (
• March 4: Deadline for chairs/directors to rank nominees for Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student and send results to Kathy Scott (
• March 4: Deadline for Dean Ellis to submit nominations for Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita (PPS 6.01)
• March 10: Deadline to submit proposals to sponsor Guest Lectures for fall 2011 and spring 2012 (
• March 14: Deadline for nominations for University Staff Council Awards (
• March 22-April 15: Meetings with chair and PC held to review untenured continuing faculty in their 2nd, 3rd,or subsequent contract year
• March 22: Deadline to submit proposals for EPA (CARE) grant funding (
• March 25: Deadline for chairs to send nominations for Presidential Upper Level Scholarships to Dean’s office (PPS 6.05)
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2011 (
• April 18: Deadline to submit proposals for Service Learning Faculty Fellows Program (Randall Osborne / / “Faculty Fellows Proposal” in subject line)
• April 29: Chairs complete form regarding faculty members in the 2nd contract year subject to further review or in the 3rd or subsequent contract year as necessary and submit written recommendations to the dean.
• May 4: Chairs write to faculty members in the 2nd contract year subject to further review or in the 3rd or subsequent contract year for whom a recommendation has been submitted to inform them of the recommendation.
• May 31: Deadline for chairs/directors to approve Student Learning Outcomes results, action plans, and evidence improvement
• July 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Fall 2011 (
• August 1: Application deadline for Faculty Fulbrights ( (further information: Steve Wilson


• Februrary 24: Presentation: “Success Has No Borders: Mitos sobre los inmigrantes, Pros and Cons of Immigration, Historias de éxito (CEN G02, 3:30)
• February 25: Symposium: Immigrant America (12-4:30, Alkek Teaching Theater)
• April 14: Liberal Arts Awards Day (6:00, Alkek Teaching Theater)
• March 3: Presentation: “U.S. and Mexico Relations” by Jim Kuykendall, Political Officer with the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (6-9, LBJ Ballroom)
• March 4: Symposium on Women and Gender, Population, and the Environment: Towards a Greater Understanding of the Intersections between Social and Reproductive Justice, Health, and Sustainability Issues (8:30-1:00+, LBJ Ballroom)
• March 9: Texas State Blood Drive (9-4, JCK 1100)
• March 28-April 1: Career Services’ Liberal Arts Week
• April 9: Bobcat Build (8:30 am, Bobcat Stadium East parking lot) (
• April 14: Liberal Arts Awards Ceremony (6:00, Alkek Teaching Theater)
• April 16: Bobcat Day (LBJ Student Center)

Professional Development:

• Spring 2011 Instructional Technologies Workshops: (
• February 23: PACE Update (2-3:30, Alkek 105/ 06) (
• February 25: Workshop: First Generation Students (1-3, Alkek 105/106) (
• February 26: Workshop: FI Master Data (10-12, JCK 460) ( by 2/19)
• February 28: Workshop: Designing Surveys for Quality Improvement or Outcomes Assessment (2:30-4:30, Alkek 102 or RRHEC Avery 364)
• February 28: Workshop: Transition from Combat to Classroom: Helping Student Veterans Succeed at Texas State (9-11:30, JCK 1100) (
• March 1: Faculty Development: Panel: Infusing International Content Into Your Courses (11-12:30, Alkek 105/106) (
• March 1: Workshop: Designing Surveys for Quality Improvement or Outcomes Assessment (8:30-10:30, JCK 460) (
• March 1: Application deadline for NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes Grants (
• March 9: Workshop: Life Cycle of Sponsored Programs (1:30-3:30, JCK 460) (
• March 10: Workshop: Introduction to the Grant Application Management Systems (GAMS) (1:30-3:30, JCK 623) (


• March 1: Deadline for applications for 2011 Summer Predoctoral Fellowship Program (
• March 13-20: Spring Break
• May 2: Last day of Spring classes