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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2011

31 August 2011, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Dan Lochman, Dennis Dunn, Susan Day, Vicki Brittain, Bill Kelemen, Mary Brennan, Bob Fischer, Beth Erhart, Vince Luizzi, Phil Suckling, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Off-agenda: Dean Hennessy welcomed new Liberal Arts chairs: Dan Lochman (ENG), Bill Kelemen (PSY), Mary Brennan (HIST), and Beth Erhart (ANTH). He also updated Council members on the construction progress with the Undergraduate Academic Center.

1. Center for Texas Public History approved; LAC endorsement requested:

Dean Hennessy distributed a memo from Provost Gene Bourgeois approving the Center for Texas Public History. Dr. Lynn Denton (HIST) will serve as the center’s director. Council members voted unanimously to endorse the new center.

2. College / CAD update:

Dean Hennessy reported to Council members on CAD items, including merit procedures for faculty and staff, and plans for university-wide strategic planning during this academic year.

Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on College business:

• Ms. Kathy Scott will contact chairs to arrange for Dean Hennessy to visit the faculty of each department.
• Dean Hennessey will meet in the next several weeks with all interested tenure-track faculty regarding Liberal Arts requirements and procedures for tenure and promotion.
• Liberal Arts student advisory councils will be replaced with open-door sessions with the dean.
• The Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, directed by Dr. Sandra Mayo, will be relocated to Lampasas in 2012. The vacated space will be renovated to accommodate the overcrowded Liberal Arts Advising Center.
• Dean Hennessy will continue to work with Ms. Jennifer Grant, director of LA advising, on the challenges facing LA advisors, including continued enrollment growth, integration of new software applications, and articulation with the PACE Center. He will meet to coordinate with chairs/directors of academic units who use departmental advisors.
• Due to anticipated budget constraints within the College, Dean Hennessy requests that departments assist as much as possible in funding student research travel, and that they apply for supplementary funding from the Student Service Fee Committee. Dr. Harney can assist with funding proposals.
• Dean Hennessy suggested minor changes for the annual faculty evaluation system (FARRS), including a notification to chairs when faculty submit comments on their reports.
• Dean Hennessy reviewed new guidelines for acknowledging donors and discussed possible changes to the college’s distinguished alumni event (DAAA).

3. NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship and internship credit:

Associate Dean Grayson asked chairs to encourage humanities faculty to apply for the NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship for 2012-2015. Deadline for application is September 30.

Dean Grayson reminded Council members that students should not enroll for internship credit unless they are in fact participating in the internship during that academic period.

4. LA acknowledgements and reminders, curriculum cycle, FAC membership, learning
outcomes deadlines, and internationalization:

Associate Dean Harney reported on changes in the procedures for distributing LA acknowledgements and reminders to chairs and faculty, and reviewed deadlines and instructions for learning outcomes assessment and the upcoming curriculum cycle.

Dr. Harney will represent the college on matters related to internationalization and will chair the Liberal Arts Study Abroad Council.

Dr. Bousman reported that he is working to establish an exchange program with Exeter which will provide exchange opportunities to both faculty and students.

Dr. Suckling announced that the department of geography will host seven international scholars during the current academic period, five for the full year.

Chairs were asked to name a departmental representative to the LA Faculty Advisory Council/College Curriculum Committee to Dr. Harney by October 1.

5. Web-based survey support:

Dr. Kelemen discussed the interest among Psychology faculty for acquiring Qualtrics, a system for administering on-line surveys to support teaching and research. Dr. Bousman will follow up with chairs to determine the interest in other departments, and will coordinate with Dr. Kelemen, Dr. Gail Ryser in the testing center, and Dr. Milt Nielsen in instructional technologies to assess feasibility.

6. Other business:

Dr. Bousman reminded Council members about the grant-writing workshop to take place on November 5. Details are included in weekly LAC reminders.

Dr. Luizzi noted that some Texas State faculty are currently offering web-based extension courses. Chairs expressed interest in learning more about these types of courses.

Dean Hennessy announced that the President will soon form a task force to address space concerns at Texas State. He also noted that TAs can now receive faculty parking permits and outlined the procedures.

Dr. Fischer reported that some TAs are unable to secure tuition reimbursement for required instructional seminars. Dr. Fischer is working with Ms. Micky Autrey to address the matter with student business services.

Dr. Lochman and Dr. Fischer raised questions about the current organization of the study abroad office and the administration of study abroad courses. Dr. Harney will discuss these concerns with Ms. Isis de la O in study abroad.

The meeting was adjourned.

Chair/Director/Faculty Deadlines:

• September 9: Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes final edits due to Registrar’s Office
• September 15: Deadline for faculty to notify chair of intent to apply for tenure/promotion
• September 15: Workers’ Compensation acknowledgement form due to the Environmental, Health, Safety & Risk Management Office (
• September 16: Chairs submit list of faculty applying for tenure/promotion to PC and dean
• September 17: NEW deadline for faculty to apply for Fulbright Scholar Awards ( (contacet: Steve Wilson
• September 23: Introductory Session: Academic Program Review (English and History) (9-11, Alkek 105/106)
• September 30: Revisions to Program and General Education Student Learning Outcomes approved by chairs/directors
• September 30: Deadline to submit nominations for the 2012-2015 NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities (
• October 1: Chairs inform PC of continuing faculty to be reviewed (w/contract year)
• October 1: Deadline for Nominations and Applications for Piper Professor Award (
• October 4: Deadline to apply for One-Time FY12 Diversity Plan Funding ( (send to Herman Horn at
• October 3: Deadline to submit applications for Piper Award nominees ( (send to attn: Valerie Anderson)
• October 3: University Honors Program begins review of Fall 2012 course proposals (proposals to Diann McCabe /
• October 7: Faculty Development Leave proposals due to chairs (
• October 7: Summer 2012 Schedule of Classes worksheets due to Registrar’s Office
• October 8 – November 9: Chair and PC review continuing faculty in 2nd contract yr.
• October 11: Deadline to submit applications for Research Enhancement Program funding ( (questions to: Mike Blanda
• October 14: Applications due for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 development leaves (
• October 15: Revisions to Program and General Education Student Learning Outcomes audited by associate dean
• October 17: Deadline for faculty applying for tenure/promotion to submit completed application files to chair
• October 17: Application deadline for hosting scholars with the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program ( (further information: Steve Wilson
• October 17: Deadline for departments/schools to receive nominations/applications for the Presidential Management Fellows Program (
• October 19: Application deadline for NSF Water Sustainability and Climate funding (
• October 30: Revisions to Program and General Education Student Learning Outcomes approved by dean
• November 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Spring 2012 (
• November 4: Fall 2012 Schedule of Classes worksheets due to Registrar’s Office
• November 10: PC submits recommendation for 2nd yr. faculty to chair
• November 15: Deadline for PC to submit votes/recommendations regarding tenure/promotion to chair
• November 16: Chairs submit reappointment forms for 2nd yr. continuing faculty to dean
• November 18: Summer 2012 Schedule of Classes 1st edits due to Registrar’s Office
• November 19: Chairs inform 2nd yr. continuing faculty of reappointment action
• December 1: Deadline for chairs to submit tenure/promotion decisions to dean
• December 9: Fall 2012 Schedule of Classes 1st edits due to Registrar’s Office
• January 5 – March 3: Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation and Post-Tenure Review
• January 11 – 25: Chair and PC review continuing faculty in 1st contract yr.
• January 15: Deadline to upload course proposals (changes, adds, deletions) to the curriculum TRACS site (LA Curriculum 11-12)
• January 26: PC submits recommendation for 1st yr. faculty to chair
• January 27: Summer 2012 Schedule of Classes final edits due to Registrar’s Office
• February 1: Chairs submit reappointment forms for 1st yr. continuing faculty to dean
• February 3: Chairs inform 1st yr. continuing faculty of reappointment action
• February 10: Fall 2012 Schedule of Classes final edits due to Registrar’s Office
• March 22 – April 15: Chair and PC review continuing faculty in 2nd contract yr. or 3rd or subsequent contract yr.
• April 1: Deadline to apply to use faculty-authored materials in Summer 2012 (
• April 29: Chairs submit reappointment forms for faculty in 2nd contract yr. or 3rd or subsequent contract yr. to dean
• May 1: Deadline for chairs to provide list of faculty eligible for tenure/promotion in 2012-2013
• May 4: Chairs inform faculty in 2nd contract yr. or 3rd or subsequent contract yr. of reappointment action

Liberal Arts and Related Events:

• September 14: “From Hombres de maíz to King Corn”: Guest Lecture by prize-winning Guatemalan novelist, Dr. Arturo Arias, followed by a screening of the documentary film, King Corn (3:30-6, CEN G02)
• October 11: Texas State Study Abroad Fair (10-2, Quad)
• October 28: Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Awards Gala (5:30, Embassy Suites San Marcos) ( by 10/15)
• November 2-3: Texas State’s International Research Conference for Graduate Students (LBJSC) (abstracts by 9/30) (

Professional Development:

• September 13: Workshop: Fall Allies Training (8:30-12:30, LBJSC 3-13.1)
• September 15: Provost’s Workshop on Tenure and Promotion: Building Faculty Credentials and Documentation (2-4, Alkek 105/106) (
• September 15: Workshop: SAP, SciQuest, and TRAVEL Tracks for Grants (1:30-3:30, JCK 460) (
• September 15: Workshop: Transition from Combat to Classroom: Helping Student Veterans Succeed at Texas State (1:30-12, Alkek 102 or RRHEC Avery 364) (
• September 22: Workshop: Preparing a Grant Proposal (Pre-Award Services) (1:30-3:30, JCK 460) (
• September 23: Workshop: Legal Update for University Administrators (10-12, JCK 1100) (
• September 30: Workshop: FI Master Data (for help w/SAP) (10-12, JCK 460) (
• October 14-15: Grant Writing Workshops for Liberal Arts faculty (contact Associate Dean Britt Bousman:
• October 17-18: NSF Regional Grants Conference (UT Austin) (
• November 4: Grant Writers’ Workshop: Write Winning Grants (8-5, Embassy Suites) ( by 10/13)


• September 9: University Curriculum Committee (2-5, Alkek 105/106)
• September 15: Farmer’s Market (11-3, Quad)
• September 22: 2011 Majors Fair (11-2 LBJ Ballroom)
• October 1: Discover Texas State and Family Weekend (9-2)
• December 5: Last day of Fall classes