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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2012

10 October 2012, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney
Guests: John McBride, LynnAnn Brewer, Michelle Moritz, Jeff Lund, Tammy Coyle, Lawrence Estaville, Megan Trad, Alberto Giordano
Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Susan Day, Mary Brennan, Vince Luizzi, Beth Erhart, Bob Fischer, Dan Lochman, Bill Kelemen, Philip Suckling, Dennis Dunn, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, Associate Dean Nancy Grayson
1.    Loss of our colleague
We in Liberal Arts regretfully acknowledge the passing of our colleague, Clarence C. Schultz, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Sociology Emeritus. Dr. Schultz served as the first chair of the Department of Sociology and as Acting Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. He retired in 1990.
2.    Approval of minutes:
Minutes of the Liberal Arts Council meeting of 26 September were unanimously approved.
2.    Representatives from Human Resources:
Mr. John McBride, Texas State director of human resources, briefed Council members on new guidelines and procedures for staff hiring and background checks. Associate director Michelle Moritz reviewed issues related to employee benefits, including the mother-friendly workplace program, the transfer of the Health Select HMO from Blue Cross Blue Shield to United Health Care, and clarifications in SAP time-keeping regarding overtime and energy conservation days. She also reviewed features of the Bobcat Balance program and noted that Work Life coordinator Rose Treviño is available to provide brochures and visit departments. Mr. Jeff Lund reported on a new web site for principal grant investigators that will facilitate grant hiring. He noted that more pre-award training is scheduled for grant management in the near future. Ms. LynnAnn Brewer reviewed new resources, options, and guidelines for hiring temporary workers. Ms. Tammy Coyle reported on the ongoing development of a new employee relations program at Texas State, including a web site containing FAQs and other resources that is currently under construction.
3.   Cancer Prevention:
Dr. Lawrence Estaville from Geography and Dr. Megan Trag from Radiation Therapy reported on cancer prevention activities at Texas State and throughout the state. They presented the results of an article that they co-authored with Dr. Gloria Martinez from Sociology regarding student awareness of cancer-related issues, and detailed the ongoing events organized by Texas State CAMCO (which has become a model for other colleges) to educate students about cancer risks and prevention, as well as to promote bone marrow donation for cancer treatment. They encouraged chairs to ask faculty to integrate cancer awareness in their course content where appropriate.
Council members suggested that pertinent online data bases and bibliographies be compiled as resources for instructors, and noted that cancer awareness issues might be usefully integrated into Texas State’s Philosophy Dialogue Series and Brown Bag Luncheon Series.
4.   Chair candidate for Geography:
Dean Hennessy reviewed University procedures for the selection of department chairs. Council members then interviewed Dr. Alberto Giordano, internal candidate for the position of Chair of the department of geography.
5.    Proposal--English emphasis in film:
Dr. Lochman distributed and summarized the proposal to create an optional emphasis in film as part of the BA in English. Council members unanimously approved the proposal.
6.   CAD update:
Dean Hennessy reviewed
·         policies for curriculum development stipends and start-up packages for new hires
·         Friday/Saturday Task Force recommendations
·         continued emphasis on the development of online and hybrid classes
·         University marketing guidelines for brochures and other printed materials
7.  Faculty Development Leaves:
Dean Hennessy distributed a list of faculty who have applied for development leave in FY 2013-14 and asked that chairs review it for accuracy. Chairs should also remind faculty to review and adhere to the application format and requirements for both development   supplemental leaves.
8.   Other business:
Dean Hennessy noted that applications for foreign travel (which now includes travel to Mexico and Canada must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of departure. He informed chairs that faculty lists for computer replacement have been received by the College and are being prepared for departmental review. He reminded chairs that staff bonus recommendations are due to Jamie. Lucy Harney confirmed with chairs the status of learning outcomes reports for each department/program.
Around the Table:
Mary Brennan and Vicki Brittain discussed the concern among faculty regarding the staffing of custodial positions at Texas State. A petition is being prepared to present to the Faculty Senate. The Council of Chairs will forward a letter on this issue to the Provost.

The meeting was adjourned.