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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2012

5 December 2012, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Associate Dean Nancy Grayson
Guest: Jennifer Grant
Council Members: Susan Day, Bob Fischer, Dan Lochman, Bill Kelemen, Mark Carter for Philip Suckling, Dennis Dunn, Mary Brennan, Associate Dean Britt Bousman
1.    Announcement:
Dean Hennessy circulated a flyer announcing the 30 th Academic Chairperson’s Conference, February 6-8, 2013, Hyatt Regency-San Antonio.
2.    FERPA (handout):
Jennifer Grant reported on Texas State’s current FERPA process, effective 9/1/12. She recommended that chairs date stamp any forms they receive directly, have two copies made, return original to parent, and send copy to Registrar. Handout describes the entire process and lists the three types of FERPA forms, which can be accessed online through the registrar’s website.
3.   Degree Proposal for Modern Languages (handout):
Dr. Fischer proposed to consolidate the French and German Programs into a BA in Modern Languages, effective 9/1/12. Students would earn a BA in Modern Languages-French or a BA in Modern Languages-German. Dr. Day moved to accept. Dr. Lochman seconded. The proposal passed unanimously.
4. Computing Proposals (handout):
Dean Hennessy distributed a condensed version of complete instructions (e-mailed LAC as an attachment, 12/5/12) for submitting ACC proposals. The condensed version highlights four due dates:
--Completed, signed proposals to dean by noon 1/14/13
--Chairs review/rate proposals at LAC, 1/16/13
--Proposers submit one copy of each proposal to, by 5 pm, 1/18/13
--Dean sends hard-copy of each proposal to Dr. Nielson (ALK 153) with dean’s assessment and rank of top third, by 5 pm, 1/24/135.
5. Liberal Arts Snapshot (handout):
Dean Hennessy distributed the one-page Liberal Arts Snapshot 2011-2012, which contains information about Academic Programs (e.g., 52 Degree Programs, 29 Minor Programs, 15 Research Centers), Continuing Faculty (e.g., Awards/Honors, Publications), and Students (e.g., [fall 2011], number of majors, opportunities for student enrichment). The snapshot is useful for informing prospective students and faculty, as well as alumni, potential donors, and the general public. Chairs provided updated information.
6. Other Business:
--Dean Hennessy announced that Austin Sims is updating the CLA website, emphasizing useful information. Action item: Austin requests photos from chairs that highlight their department’s identity.
--Pam Lemoine announced that the program at the Liberal Arts Board’s February 22, 2013, meeting will include a segment during which outstanding students will have an opportunity for Q&A regarding careers, moving from table to table for informal conversation with two board members at a time.  Action item: Extend invitations to student leaders and scholars. Pam asked chairs to alert faculty advisors to their discipline’s honor society to help select students. Specific information is forthcoming after Pam and Jennifer have one more planning meeting.
--Nancy Grayson said that students who appeal for a W after missing the Automatic W Deadline should submit documentation (usually medical) of extenuating circumstances. She added that in such cases, the chair would likely e-mail the registrar to grant the W. She emphasized that students who have no documented extenuating circumstances do not have a good case for appealing. 
--Mary Brennan asked if faculty in other departments have remarked on the Library page that supports students’ research; if so, Mary would like to hear their comments. She meets soon with Joan Heath to discuss the site and sources to which it leads students.
--Jennifer Grant briefed LAC on changes in Correspondence Studies, now part of the Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL). The most striking changes are that students can no longer file for an extension to a course and that instructors must submit final course grade ten business days before graduation. All correspondence courses will be online (very few print-based exceptions) from now on. More information is forthcoming when Correspondence completes its new policies, in particular those on transcripting grades. 
In addition, Jennifer brought news from Admissions: Effective spring 13, reentering students not enrolled for even one semester must reapply to the university, and all students must take orientation each time they reenter, but online/no fee. More information forthcoming.  
Jennifer also expressed concern that the scheduled December 2-minute power outage might extend to hours or to over a day. Consequently, advisors will begin processing graduation at 7 am on 12/19 and work straight through until evening (fall grades post at 12 am, 12/19). 

The meeting was adjourned.