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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2012

15 February 2012, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Susan Day, Vince Luizzi, Bob Fischer, Dan Lochman, Phil Suckling, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: Dr. Ron Brown (Assistant Vice President for Student Services), Ms. Kathy Weiser (Assistant Dean of Students), Ms. Jennifer Grant (Director of Liberal Arts Advising)

Off-agenda items:

• Dean Hennessy noted that Sociology has successfully completed their Annual Program Review.

• He reminded chairs and directors to send him their department/center strategic plans by Monday, February 20 and asked Council members to plan for regular meetings to prepare the College strategic plan.

• He circulated a copy of the annual report of the College of Business and the new PACE brochure.

• Lucy Harney reviewed the procedures for requesting academic program changes. All such proposals must be approved by the Liberal Arts Faculty Advisory Council in its capacity as the College Curriculum Committee.

1. BAT (Behavioral Assessment Team):

Ron Brown and Kathy Weiser distributed a hand-out and brochure outlining the services offered by BAT to address troubling or disruptive student behavior. Dean Hennessy will send Council members an electronic copy of the strategies for dealing with students’ behavioral problems. Dr. Brown stressed the importance of careful documentation throughout the process.

2. Program Proposals: Anthropology, Geography, Political Science:

Council members voted unanimously to approve the following proposals:

• Replacement of two courses required for the MA in Anthropology with electives (This change applies to the concentration in cultural/linguistic anthropology.)

• Six changes to undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates in the Department of Geography

• Elimination of separate tracks for the MA in Legal Studies

3. CAD Items for Review/Discussion:

Dean Hennessy discussed with the Council the following items from the Council of Academic Deans:

• Launch of the Family Campaign: Chairs are asked to alert faculty and to encourage participation.

• Associate Provost’s Role in Hiring Process: Dr. Opheim will handle requests for adjunct hiring, replacement lines, emergency hires, and salary negotiations.

• Revisions of Tenure and Promotion PPS: Dean Hennessy distributed a hand-out addressing proposed changes to PPS 8.10 on the Development and Evaluation of Tenure-Track Faculty. Council members formulated recommendations to the Provost regarding voting procedures for personnel committees and college review groups.

4. CAD Announcements and Reminders:

Dean Hennessy updated the Council the following CAD items:

• Reorganization of Development Office: Ms. Gail Randle is now assigned to serve as Development Specialist for Liberal Arts. Dr. Barbara Breier, the new Vice President for University Advancement, will visit the Liberal Arts Council with members of her staff later this semester.

• Training Requirements for Camp Personnel: University programs that work with minors are now required by state law to provide training on sexual abuse and child abuse every two years.

• Recruiting International Students: The University is in the process of selecting a recruiting company that will be contracted to help increase enrollments of international students at Texas State. The goal is to recruit 25-50 international students per year.

• Handling Petty Cash: When cash must be accepted for University activities, at least two people must be involved in processing the money, and they must cross-check and document all transactions.

5. Other Business:

Council members discussed the calculation of CUPA data for determining faculty salaries, and how Texas State’s emerging research status could impact the averages.

Around the table:

Dr. Day asked that chairs be informed of the salaries of adjunct faculty across campus to help promote salary parity among departments.

Associate Dean Grayson reminded Council members that students who receive Dean’s approval for late registration are informed that they are not guaranteed enrollment in classes. Several Council members noted increasing numbers of late registrations, which can be disruptive to classes.

The meeting was adjourned.