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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2012

13 June 2012, 2:00 pm, FH 230

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Dennis Dunn, Mary Brennan, Susan Day, Bob Fischer, Vince Luizzi, Dan Lochman, Phil Suckling, and Vicki Brittain

Guest: Ms. Jennifer Grant

1. Revision of Liberal Arts PPS 2.02:

Dean Hennessy distributed a draft of proposed revisions to the Liberal Arts policy governing external scholarship review procedures for tenure and promotion. The revisions align the practices of the College with current University policy. Council members voted unanimously to approve the revisions, which will be posted to the Liberal Arts web site.

2. Reduction of the core curriculum:

The Liberal Arts Council voted unanimously to recommend retaining ENG 1310 within the University's revised core curriculum, which will take effect in Fall 2014. Dean Hennessy will convey this recommendation along with his strong support to Dr. Ron Brown, chair of the General Education Council.

Council members drafted and approved a full proposal for the reduced core curriculum at Texas State. Dr. Harney was asked to present the proposal to the General Education Council at their June 25 meeting.

3. CAD update:

Dean Hennessy reported on various items discussed at the Council of Academic Deans (12 June):

• The University will begin developing a strategic plan for research (details forthcoming).

• New policy for commencement: students must be within 3 courses or 9 hours of graduation to participate in commencement ceremonies (with waivers for exceptional, documented cases).

• Chairs will soon be asked to complete faculty workload credit reports (starting with those of Fall 2011). Reports are due to the THECB by November 1.

• Beginning Fall 2012, a faculty speaker series will take place at the Round Rock campus each long semester. Based on proposal submissions, 3 Texas State faculty members will be selected for each series. Speakers will receive an honorarium of $500.

• Following the recommendations of the Provost’s Task Force on Valuing Faculty Service, University policies will be emended to indicate newly-articulated service expectations for faculty as they relate to annual evaluation and merit, as well as to criteria for tenure and promotion. Academic units should review policies governing faculty service to ensure that service expectations for each academic rank are clearly stated, that requirements for service assignments are explicitly defined, and that faculty are appropriately recognized and rewarded for service activities.

• Beginning Fall 2012, University police will issue citations (without fines) for students who violate the campus no-smoking policy in the dorms.

4. Other business:

Dean Hennessy is developing a new grade appeal process for the College (details forthcoming).

Around the Table:

Lucy Harney reminded chairs to review drafts of the Liberal Arts acknowledgements for errors and omissions.

The meeting was adjourned.