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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2012

12 September 2012, 12:00 pm, UAC 474

Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney
Guest: Jennifer Grant (Director, Liberal Arts Advising Center), Sandra Mayo (Director, Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies), and Frank de la Teja (Director, Center for the Study of the Southwest)
Council Members: Vicki Brittain, Susan Day, Mary Brennan, Vince Luizzi, Beth Erhart, Dan Lochman, Bill Kelemen, Philip Suckling, Dennis Dunn, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, Associate Dean Nancy Grayson
Council Retreat: Departmental and Unit Planning Priorities:
Each Liberal Arts department chair as well as Dr. Dunn, Dr. de la Teja, Dr. Mayo, and Ms. Grant distributed hand-outs and outlined the top priorities, plans, and concerns for their units in the 2012-2013 academic year. Dean Hennessy discussed with Council members the ways in which the college could help facilitate plans and address concerns.
Liberal Arts Council Regular Meeting:
Guests: Jennifer Grant (Liberal Arts Advising Center Director), Beth Wuest (AVP for Institutional Effectiveness), Melissa Hyatt (Registrar’s Office), and Kim May (Curriculum Services)
1.    Learning outcomes assessment:
Beth Wuest distributed materials relating to the learning outcomes assessment process for 2012-2013. She encouraged chairs/directors to consider those mission statements, outcomes, and/or methods that should be revised as we begin the first year of a 3-year window leading to our interim SACS review.  Lucy Harney will work with chairs/directors to revise and upload outcomes reports. October 10 is the extended deadline for chairs/directors to submit changes from last year’s reports to Lucy.
2.    Summer prerequisites:
Melissa Hyatt and Kim May presented a slideshow to explain the new procedures for addressing controls on prerequisites during registration for summer and fall class sessions. Chairs/directors are asked to convey their general desires regarding prerequisites directly to the registrar and to respond promptly during registration periods regarding the prerequisite requirements/allowances for individual students.
3.    Faculty time at rank:
Dean Hennessy distributed a list to chairs of the time at rank of each faculty member. Chairs are asked to review the list and report errors for their department to the dean’s office.
4.   LA bibliograpy:
Associate Dean Bousman distributed to Council members the 2011 College of Liberal Arts Faculty Accomplishments (formerly LA Bibliography). Issues related to compiling the LA Accomplishments and refining the FARRS reporting instrument will be discussed in an upcoming Council meeting.
5.   Curriculum:
Lucy Harney confirmed the new representatives to the Dean’s Faculty Advisory Council/College Curriculum Committee. She reminded chairs to download the latest forms when submitting course proposals, and to direct faculty to the Curriculum 2012-13 TRACS site for guidance in completing the required documents.

The meeting was adjourned.