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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2013


Liberal Arts Council

24 April 2013, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Dennis Dunn, Beth Erhart, Bob Fischer, Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Mary Brennan, Dan Lochman, Phil Suckling, Vicki Brittain, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guest: Sandra Mayo, Audwin Anderson

1.   Approve minutes: 4/17/13:

      Members unanimously approved the minutes from the LAC meeting of 17 April 2013. 

2.   Recognition of Sandra Mayo:

Sandra Mayo received recognition from Council members for her 11-year tenure as director of the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies. Sandra’s many accomplishments include the campus-wide success of her curriculum/research transformation institute, and the establishment of the Women and Gender Research Collaborative, which is responsible for a yearly research symposium, the publication of a peer-reviewed journal, and the awarding of recognition for outstanding women’s studies scholars (students and faculty). Sandra will return as full-time faculty to the department of Theatre and Dance in August. Audwin Anderson from Sociology will be the Center’s next director.

3.   Merit procedures:

Dean Hennessy instructed chairs to prepare faculty merit raise recommendations for 2013-2014. However, he noted that there is no certainty that merit raises will be awarded. This decision is pending legislative action on potential funding increases for the University.

4.  CAD update:

      Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on the CAD meeting of April 23:

·   Draft PPS: Proposed developmental release program for adjunct faculty. Council members should review and convey recommendations to Dean Hennessy.

·   Hand-out: General guidelines for new faculty start-up packages. Dean Hennessy reviewed current policies for new faculty whose contract includes a large start-up package.

·   Hand-out: Proposed changes to the Board of Regents’ policy on dual employment. The proposed change in wording will emphasize that outside employment refers to ongoing, remunerative activities by faculty and staff. These instances should be documented by chairs.

·   Dean Hennessy reviewed the current Family Campaign results. Council members discussed recommendations for improving next year’s fund drive.

·   Dean Hennessy reminded Council members that international students at Texas State may not continue to work for the University after the date of their commencement ceremony.

·   University will begin hosting seven spring commencement ceremonies and consider other possibilities to address increasing space concerns at these events.

·   Freshman applications and acceptances are up for fall 2013. Transfer applications are down from last year, but are improving.

5.   Scholarships for students seeking teacher certification:

Nancy Grayson announced a new scholarship for students seeking teacher certification in a Liberal Arts discipline. Council members agreed that the College’s associate deans would form the committee to award the scholarship. Nancy will provide links with eligibility information. Council members are asked to help publicize the scholarship.

6.  Other business:

Bob Fischer announced that three Texas State students have been awarded Fulbright fellowships in the current cycle. This is a record number of awards for the University. All three awardees are pursuing majors in Liberal Arts departments. Valentina Glajar of Modern Languages is the campus advisor for student Fulbright applicants.

Council members discussed upcoming changes in measurement and reporting for the assessment of General Education courses. General Education Council members Beth Erhart, Vince Luizzi, and Lucy Harney (along with member Sue Beebe and alternate member Ted Hindson) will be available to brief Council members as procedures are finalized. Bill Kelemen noted that the increased demands for data collection could be facilitated with improvements to the research features of the TRACS system. Lucy Harney will request that Bill be invited to a meeting of the General Education Council to discuss these issues.


Around the table:

Dean Hennessy announced that the graduate program in Anthropology was cited at CAD as having impressive growth in graduate enrollments.

Council members viewed a recently published festschrift in honor of Bob Fischer, chair of Modern Languages. The volume, published by the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, contains peer-reviewed studies as well as professional colleagues’ personal perspectives regarding Bob’s extraordinary efforts as both the organization’s president and as editor of its journal (CALICO) from 1997 to 2011.


The meeting was adjourned.