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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2013

Liberal Arts Council

Minutes from June 12, 2013 Meeting


Attendees:       Dean Hennessy, Associate Dean Grayson, Drs. Brennan, Brittain (recording), Brunson, Day, Fischer, Kelemen, Lochman, Luizzi, Margerison, and Suckling.


·         Minutes of the May 29, 2013 LAC meeting were approved.

·         Enrollment projections for fall 2013 and strategies for retention of F12 cohort were discussed. Dean Hennessy will craft letters to send to Liberal Arts F12 cohort students to encourage registration for fall 2013.

·         Continuous registration for fall 2013 and the positive effect it is having on enrollment was discussed at CAD.  Dean Hennessy encouraged departments to create more sections if needed.

·         The admissions report given at CAD indicates that freshman and graduate student admissions are up and transfer student admissions are down.

·         PPS 8.13 (adjunct leave program) and suggested changes were discussed at CAD and Dr. Opheim will create a revised version of the PPS and circulate for comments.

·         New Faculty Lines:  The administration has announced that there is funding to support an estimated 15-18 new faculty lines campus wide.  Dean Hennessy discussed the process that will be used in the college to provide him with advice regarding what faculty positions should be requested.

·         Budget – Merit and Equity/Market Adjustments:  The administration has announced the approval of a 2.5% pool for merit raises and market/equity salary adjustments for faculty and staff.  Dean Hennessy discussed timeline and implementation strategy.

·         Proposed process for loading faculty CVs into Tk20:  Dean Hennessy reported that the administration is considering allowing administrative assistants to volunteer to be part of the process.  The volunteer would do the work during off-duty hours and would be paid on a contract/stipend basis for training and for CV entry.  The consensus of the council was that this would be a good process.