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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2013


Liberal Arts Council

14 August 2013, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Paul Hart (for Dennis Dunn), Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Bob Fischer, Susan Day, Dan Lochman, Phil Suckling, Rebecca Raphael (for Vince Luizzi), Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: Chris Murr, Dede Gonzales, Manda Anderson


1.   Presentation by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Chris Murr and Dede Gonzales from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships distributed and discussed information related to new policies governing student financial aid eligibility, including the new grade of U (indicating an unearned F), and the use of census date rosters to verify whether certain federal grant recipients have begun attendance. Chairs are asked to share this information, as appropriate, with faculty, who may choose to include an explanation of these policies in course syllabi. Chris and Dede are available to attend departmental meetings to discuss these policies.

 2.   Curriculum changes and CCC membership:

Lucy Harney reviewed the new fall cycle for course change requests. These requests must be uploaded to the 2013-14 Curriculum TRACS site by September 5. Chairs are asked to confirm their representatives to the Liberal Arts College Curriculum Committee as soon as possible. Manda Anderson, director of the College advising center, will join the committee as a non-voting member. Dean Hennessy recommended that change proposals be deferred to the spring cycle, unless urgent.  

3.   Appointments to University Council:

Susan Day agreed to continue serving as the Liberal Arts representative on the University Council. Beth Erhart agreed to serve as alternate.

 4.   Research Enhancement Program applications:

Britt Bousman asked chairs to encourage faculty to apply for the Research Enhancement Grants this cycle. He noted that colleges receive funding for these awards proportionally to the number of applications submitted. The University administration is currently considering a funding allocation that would likely increase the percentage of proposals approved.

 5.   Award and longevity certificates:

Dean Hennessy distributed pins and certificates for years of service for chairs to present to faculty in each department.

6.   Branding/marketing issues:

Dean Hennessy reminded Council members that all logos representing campus programs or units must be in compliance with the official University design. Exceptions may be made for endowed centers, subject to presidential approval. Marketing staff are available to assist where needed.

7.   CAD update:

      Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on the CAD meeting of August 13:

 ·   5 Choices Productivity Workshop (11/15) for Administrators (RSVP by 11/1

·   Hand-out reviewing plans for Research Administration Assistant Training

·   Hand-out regarding the new Excellence in Teaching Award for part-time faculty. Dean Hennessy will send out a complete hand-out to Council members for their review and input.

Off-agenda: Sara Pfeifer is the new Liberal Arts liaison with the Office of University Advancement. She will visit LAC in September.


Around the table:

Mary Brennan: The new graduate dean, Andrea Golato, is anxious to showcase graduate students on the “Be a Bobcat” feature on the University home page. Chairs/faculty are encouraged to send her recommendations. She is also working on a more equitable distribution of research travel funds to graduate students.

Susan Day asked for clarification on deadlines to submit faculty job postings for inclusion in the Chronicle of Higher Education block ads. Dean Hennessy provided information after the meeting.

Rebecca Raphael distributed a hand-out and reported on her plans, as NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor, to organize a faculty seminar on religious studies that will span the 2013-14 academic year. She asked chairs to have interested faculty contact her as soon as possible (

The meeting was adjourned.