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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2013


Liberal Arts Council

11 September 2013, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Paul Hart (for Dennis Dunn), Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Bob Fischer, Alberto Giordano, Susan Day, Dan Lochman, Vince Luizzi, Vicki Brittain, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: Michelle Moritz, Jeff Lund, LynnAnn Brewer, Dann Brown


1.   Approve minutes (9/4/13):

Members unanimously approved the LAC minutes from 4 September 2013.

2.   Visit with Representatives from Human Resources:

Michelle Moritz, Associate Director of Human Resources, discussed:

·         HR’s new responsibilities: Compliance and Professional Development

·         Health insurance changes: tobacco surcharge, health insurance for part-time employees, retiree insurance

·         New policies: parking permit payroll deduction, W4 in SAP

·         Wellness Fair: October 1 from 10:00 to 3:00 in the LBJSC Ballroom

Jeff Lund, Compensation Manager, discussed:

·         Staff performance appraisal system

·         New manager workshop: Managing@TXSTATE, October 17 and 24

·         Efforts to improve procedures for staff compliance

LynnAnn Brewer, Employment Manager, discussed:

·         New recruiting tool: Inside Higher Ed

·         Interview-training guide for staff

·         Review of non-faculty drug testing policies

·         Reporting of outside employment

3.   Visit with Dean Brown:

Dr. Dann Brown, dean of PACE and University College, briefed Council members on the successful enrollment and registration of a record number of new students for fall 2013. He thanked Liberal Arts chairs for their assistance in providing sufficient class sections, especially for core courses.

4.   CCC membership:

Lucy Harney confirmed the current membership of the College Curriculum Committee with Liberal Arts chairs.

5.   Learning outcomes fall cycle:

Lucy Harney reminded chairs to submit changes in mission statements, learning outcomes, and methods by September 21. She will contact each chair when program reports are ready for online approval.

6.   Items for LAC acknowledgements:

Lucy Harney reviewed the types of items to be included in the monthly Liberal Arts acknowledgements: faculty, student, staff, and alumni awards or distinctions; student or alumni publications; College-related media coverage; grant awards.

Off agenda item:

The LAC meeting of October 2 will consist primarily of a Research Roundtable with representatives from the Office of Sponsored Projects. Council members are encouraged to prepare questions for the meeting, and to invite faculty and staff who could benefit from the session.

7.   Travel funding per diems and excess lodging:

Council members discussed how they currently handle lodging reimbursement requests for faculty in cases where the cost of the most appropriate hotel choice exceeds the federally-set reimbursement allowance. The majority of chairs indicated that they generally approve requests for “excess lodging” when the amount is reasonable and departmental funds are available.

8.   Proposed elimination of minor requirement for BA:

Dean Hennessy and Council members discussed a recommendation to eliminate the current requirement that Liberal Arts majors declare and complete a minor. Most members who offered an opinion opposed the suggestion, though two chairs felt such a change might be beneficial to their students and programs.

9.  CAD update:

Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on the CAD meeting of 9/10:

·   Audit issues: new policies in development to address P-card misuse and cash handling for University business

·   Enrollment reports:

 -- improved quality of freshman class

 -- increased overall enrollment (President Trauth will announce final numbers.)

 -- increased diversity of student population

 -- University priority to increase graduate enrollments

 ·   Chair-Dean relations: chairs encouraged to consult with their deans about operational difficulties related to issues such as technology, PCRs, classroom booking, etc.

Council members agreed that they and their office administrators frequently encounter brusque or discourteous responses when interacting with some administrative offices on campus. Dean Hennessy will follow up on these concerns.


Meetings with dean for faculty who wish to discuss T&P process in Liberal Arts: Wednesday, September 25, 10:00 am and Thursday, September 26th, 2:00 pm in

FH 321 (Dean’s Conference Room)

The meeting was adjourned.