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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2014


Liberal Arts Council

January 8 2014, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Chad Smith (for Susan Day), Bill Kelemen, Mary Brennan, Steve Wilson (for Dan Lochman), Bob Fischer, Vince Luizzi, Vicki Brittain, Ron Hagelman (for Alberto Giordano), and Associate Dean Britt Bousman (for Beth Erhart)

Guests: Hassan Tajalli, Ken Grasso, Matt Greengold


1.  Student computing resource proposals: 

Council members heard proposals for student computing funding from Steve Wilson (for computer upgrades to Technical Communications labs), Ron Hagelman (for replacement of workstations in Geography labs and a new large-format plotter), Vicki Brittain (for print release stations in the Liberal Arts computer lab), and Bill Kelemen (for computer replacement in the Psychology computer lab in Evans). Council members discussed the proposals and also received input from Hassan Tajalli, a long-time Liberal Arts representative on the Academic Computing Committee. 

Each Council member completed a form to rank the computing requests according to their value to students and academic programs. Dean Hennessy will tally and report the rankings via email. Britt Bousman will work with Dean Hennessy to submit the digital requests and hard copies with signatures. Bill Kelemen noted the due date of January 10 for assessment reports from last year’s funding allocations.  

2.  Curriculum cycle instructions:

Lucy Harney reviewed the procedures for submitting requests to change, add, or delete courses. Chairs and directors are reminded to use the new form, available on the Curriculum Services web page. Request forms should be uploaded to the Curriculum 2013-2014 TRACS site by January 15.

3.  Catalog review instructions:

Lucy Harney reviewed the procedures for submitting revisions to the current undergraduate catalog. Chairs and directors should send edits to Lucy by January 31. She will work with Nancy Grayson, Manda Anderson, and Kathy Scott to finalize the revisions by the due date of February 7.

4.  2014-2015 student service fee requests:

Lucy Harney informed Council members of the new, online procedure for submitting requests for one-time and permanent funding from the Student Service Fee Committee. Requests should be submitted by January 17. Lucy reviewed suggestions for writing successful proposals.

5.   CAD update:

      Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on the CAD meeting of 1/7:

·   Alumni Survey: Dean Hennessy distributed a questionnaire designed by Institutional Effectiveness to gather information on senior/alumni surveys administered by academic units at Texas State. Chairs will receive the questionnaire as an email attachment, and should send responses to Susan Thompson in Institutional Research by January 17.

·   Incentive Scholarship Program: Dean Hennessy distributed information regarding Texas State’s Summer 2014 Incentive Scholarship Program, which is administered by the Graduate College. The program will assist graduate students with summer tuition to facilitate their progress toward graduation. Preference will be given to early start students. The deadline for chairs to complete the online nomination form is March 21.

·   Other CAD items:

-- Dean’s permission is sufficient to reschedule a final exam.

-- Chairs/graduate advisors are encouraged to request available funds from Dean Golato for recruitment of graduate students.

-- The summer budget has not been finalized, but is not anticipated to vary from last year’s budget.

-- The method for calculating M&O budgets for academic units will soon undergo review. 

-- Chairs are encouraged to find a use for course fees from distance and online courses, or to let Debbie Thorne know if fees are being strategically reserved.

-- Dean Hennessy updated Council members on recent developments in the utilization of Freeman Ranch.


Around the Table:

Mary Brennan announced that History is working to hire a full-time administrative assistant.


The meeting was adjourned.