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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2014


Liberal Arts Council

 14 May 2014, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Bob Fischer, Vince Luizzi, Susan Day, Dan Lochman, Vicki Brittain, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guest: Ken Grasso


1.  CAD update:

     Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on the CAD meeting of 5/13. Issues included:

  • M&O advisory group report (handout). Analysis of M&O budget allocations and expenditures is ongoing. Gordon Thyberg, AVP for Budgeting, Financial Planning and Analysis, is working to ascertain the practical impact and suitability of the current funding formula.
  • SPSS software. Van Wyatt, VP for Information Technology, reported on statistical software programs that could be acquired for use by Texas State faculty and students if SPSS becomes too expensive to support at the current level. However, there are no plans to discontinue or curtail support of SPSS at this time.
  • Some Council members noted that several professional disciplines expect graduates to have acquired experience with SPSS. Bill Kelemen, Liberal Arts representative to the SPSS Alternative Committee, will continue to update Council members on the committee’s progress.
  • Proposed changes in Regents rules (HO).

Dean Hennessy reviewed proposed modifications to Texas State System policies regarding suspension of the tenure clock, as well as faculty grievances related to non-renewal or termination of employment. 

  • Requirements for graduating with honors. Advisors are encouraged to assist in informing transfer students of the requirements for graduating with honors at Texas State, including minimum number of institution credit hours and minimum GPA.
  • Admissions reports. Graduate student summer enrollments have increased from last year. Projections for both graduate and undergraduate fall enrollments are encouraging.
  • Announcements.

                   -- A rededication ceremony for Comal Hall is slated for October, 2014.              

-- Susan Hanson from English as been named the Liberal Arts recipient of the 2014-2015 award for Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching.

-- In fall 2015, Texas State will commemorate the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s    signing of the Higher Education Act, which took place on our campus.

2.  Other business:

Council members discussed matters related to building renovation costs, summer budgets, donor relations, recent faculty hires, and projections for tenure and promotion for the next two years.

Around the Table:

Dr. Grayson will send around the schedule for Council members’ participation in this summer’s Family Receptions for incoming students.

Faculty reappointments, new staff line decisions, and summer budget approvals are still pending.

Vince Luizzi noted that the CARTS transportation service is soliciting input to improve its services to the Texas State community. He will send around the web link.

Council members requested clarification regarding the reporting of consulting fees, including honoraria, and volunteer activities outside the University. Dean Hennessy will follow up.

Lucy Harney reviewed the process and deadlines for reporting student learning outcomes. Chairs should send her all reports (including General Education documents) as email attachments by Tuesday, May 27. Once the reports have been proofed and uploaded, Lucy will contact chairs to approve online by June 1.


The meeting was adjourned.