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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2016


Liberal Arts Council

30 November 2016, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Present: Council members:  Manda Anderson, Audwin Anderson, Britt Bousman Mary Brennan, Susan Day, Beth Erhart, Alberto Giordano, Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Chad Smith

Absent: Dennis Dunn, Nancy Grayson

  1. Minutes from 11.16.16

The minutes from the LAC meeting on 11.16.16 were approved. Approval motion was made by Dr. Grasso and seconded by Dr. Kelemen.


  1. M&O Allocations (HO) – A handout indicating the addition of $240,000 in M&O funds for FY17 to academic departments across campus was distributed.  Questions and concerns should be directed to Cindy Waggoner.


  1. Endowment compliance (HO) – A handout denoting endowment accounts as of 11/1/16 was distributed to department chairs.  The handout delineates amounts paid out last year and this fall, as well as amounts still available for this fiscal year.  Plans to spend the available amounts should be under way.  Questions and concerns should be directed to Kimberly Garrett.


  1. CAD Items (11/22/16)
    1. Council on Funded Research (Britt) – Dr. Bousman described his report to CAD in 3 points: (1) The Library has stepped up to help researchers, and departments should invite librarians to explain what they can do for researchers.  (2) There is concern on the Council about Advancement’s review of research proposals.  (3) Dr. Bousman will step down from the Council of Funded Research when he steps down as Associate Dean.  In addition, Dr. Bousman mentioned that crowd funding projects could be helpful to the College.
    2. Advisor Allocations – Dr. Hennessy described Dean Brown’s (UC) report to CAD recommending new advisors for McCoy and Applied Arts.  PACE and the College of Science and Engineering each are recommended to receive a new advisor and a student development specialist from HSI funds.  Student-advisor ratios will be around 377-1 after these hires. 
    3. African American Studies – Dr. Anderson has been asked to chair a committee that will examine the feasibility of African American Studies at Texas State.  The date to receive recommendations for committee members from the Deans is January 20, 2017.  Dr. Anderson will represent the College of Liberal Arts,
    4. Untaught Courses (HO) – Department chairs received a memo from Dr. Thorne with a list of untaught courses.  The memo requested that courses be deleted through the Course Inventory Management system or scheduled for the near future.
    5. Cats Caravan – March and April 2017 caravans have been scheduled.  Dean Hennessy, Dr. Harney, and Manda Anderson will attend for the College.
    6. Strategic Plan Read-Across Committees (HO) – Dean Hennessy encouraged the chairs to read this handout for additional information that may be useful in creating and linking their strategic plans.
    7. Hiring Committees – Dean Hennessy reminded chairs that hiring paperwork requests for interviews and alternates must include the hiring matrices.


  1. CAD Items (11/29/16)
    1. Budget Committee Fall Meeting – CAD priorities were discussed and will remain the same as in previous years.
    2. Translational Health Research Initiative (HO) – Dean Hennessy announced a Texas State Health Scholar Showcase poster session to be held on February 10, 2017.  Liberal Arts can have up to six posters, featuring programs and research initiatives, from teams in LA and other colleges. Jessica Schneider will contact chairs and/or faculty about possible ideas for posters.  Jessica and Dr. Bousman will screen in order to group together poster ideas from COLA.  Dean Hennessy will distribute a URL to chairs for a site that contains more information, including a sample poster
    3. High Quality Faculty Awards (HO) – A handout describing the criteria for moving to NRUF status was distributed.  Chair were encouraged to be aware of these criteria and to encourage faculty to pursue these awards.
  2. Off agenda – University and administrative responses to issues related to the turmoil after the elections were discussed.

Around the table:

Dr. Bousman reported that the Council for Funded Research will recommend that colleges should help to identify research clusters on campus.

Dr. Kelemen reported that a Texas State thesis, submitted to the Texas State Repository, was accepted then rejected by a journal because it had been previously published in the Repository.

Dr. Smith reported a security concern by IT Security that led to a faculty member being told she cannot analyze her ICPSR data. 


The meeting ended at 3:37 PM.

Minutes 11.30.16 (DOCX, 125 KB)