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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2016


Liberal Arts Council

30 March 2016, 2:00 pm, Comal 116


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy

Recording: Associate Dean Lucy Harney

Council Members: Bill Kelemen, Dennis Dunn, Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Craig Hanks, Chad Smith, Dan Lochman, Ken Grasso, Associate Dean Britt Bousman, and Associate Dean Nancy Grayson

Guests: Micky Autrey, Kim May, MIchael Supancic, Manda Anderson, Alyssa Garza, Audwin Anderson


1.  Approve LAC minutes:

      Council members unanimously approved the minutes of the Liberal Arts Council meeting of March 2, 2016.

2.  New online catalog / draft online course form:

Micky Autrey (Director of Curriculum Services), Kim May (Curriculum Coordinator) and Michael Supancic (Chair of the University Curriculum Committee) reviewed the new procedures for annual updates to the course catalog, using CourseLeaf academic catalog management software. The CourseLeaf system will allow for automatic updates to faculty information each October.

Bill Kelemen asked about the possibility of tracking individual courses through all academic programs in which they are accepted or required. This feature is currently in development for future implementation. Chairs are encouraged to link the online catalog directly to their department web sites.

CourseLeaf will also be used to construct class schedules. Micky urged chairs to alert her office to any complications that arise with the new system.

The curriculum component of CourseLeaf is scheduled to go into effect by fall 2016. An automated course form will soon be available to pilot. Under the new calendar, chairs/directors and Department Curriculum Committees will approve and submit course proposals by mid-September. Departments must appoint at least one faculty designee to represent the DCC for online approval purposes. College Curriculum Committees will complete their course review during the fall semester. The new system will enable the implementation of course additions and deletions within one calendar year.

If all goes according to plan, academic program proposals will be similarly processed in the future.

3.  Multicultural Course Designations:

Audwin Anderson, who directs Texas State’s Center for Diversity and Gender Studies, and Center assistant, Alyssa Garza, distributed information and reviewed the procedures for designating courses as MC (multicultural content) and/or MP (multicultural perspective). During fall 2016, CDGS staff will review the current catalog offerings to identify courses eligible for one or both designations. Chairs may also point out appropriate courses for consideration.

Faculty interested in enhancing their courses with multicultural content/perspective are encouraged to apply for the CDGS annual Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute.

4.  Selection of academic excellence awardees:

Manda Anderson, Liberal Arts Director of Academic Advising, distributed a hand-out comparing several possibilities for identifying recipients of Liberal Arts academic excellence certificates. She presented four LOGI extract reports, which varied according to the required number of Texas State hours and the minimum Texas State GPA. After discussion, Council members agreed to the following revised criteria for eligibility (effective 2017):

  -- 3.75 Texas State GPA

  -- minimum 30 hours completed at Texas State

  -- junior or senior standing

Associate Dean Grayson will supervise the revision of the LA PPS 6.01.

5.  CAD update:

Dean Hennessy briefed Council members on items from recent CAD meetings:

  • He distributed information providing an overview of Crowdfunding at Texas State. Campaign proposals are now being accepted and administered by University Advancement’s department of Alumni Relations. Faculty should discuss Crowdfunding campaign ideas with chairs and with Britt Bousman, the College’s campus representative for CrowdFunding initiatives, before submitting proposals to Wesley Clark, director of Annual Giving.
  • Dean Hennessy reviewed University policies governing shared equipment, and circulated the shared equipment inventory provided to Deans by the Provost. Council members pointed out changes to be made in the current inventory. Chairs were provided with a form for reporting equipment that should be included.
  • Dean Hennessy distributed a calendar of events for Graduate Appreciation Week (April 3-9), and encouraged chairs and directors to share the information with their graduate students and faculty.


  • Announcements:

           --Chairs should meet with Jamie Donaldson for budget development.

           --Future merit increases will be continue to be based on a three-year rolling average.

           --Any staff salary adjustments must be funded by academic units.

           --PACE Dean Brown requests that spaces in general education classes be kept available to assist with pre-load scheduling. He will send out a report on course fill rates.


Around the table:

Bill Kelemen reminded chairs that he will be requesting recommendations for faculty to participate in Ty Schepis’ lunch-time focus group conducted by Health Promotion Services.

Chairs discussed ways to assist faculty in procuring regalia for commencement ceremonies. It was noted that the bookstore charges tax on the rental of regalia. The tax may not be covered by departments that opt to reimburse faculty for rental costs.

Mary Brennan announced upcoming book readings in Taylor-Murphy by History faculty.

Council members thanked Craig Hanks for the use of Comal 116 for the Council meeting.


The meeting was adjourned.