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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2016


Liberal Arts Council

Retreat and Council Meeting

28 September 2016, 12:00pm

Comal 116 - Philosophy Dialogue Room


  1. Lunch was served.
  2. LAC minutes of September 14, 2016 were approved unanimously. Ken Grasso moved approval; Mary Brennan seconded.
  3. The following curricular items were approved: 

Political Science MPA Program Change Form concentrations Sept 2016[4].doc

Poltical Science MPA program change stat elective Sept 2016[2].docx

Program Change Form - Curriculum & SCH_Pop Culture Minor_v3.doc 

Program Change Form - Curriculum SCH MSDA 9.16 v3.doc  

Chairs and directors were reminded about Friday deadlines and curriculum calendar.

Bill reported no that there is no “shred” button in the new CIM to completely remove a proposal.Proposals found wanting for some reason can be rejected, but the course stays on the system, as of now.

  1. Reports from centers/departments were given to produce college-wide understanding of departments’ activities and plans and to facilitate college planning.


  1. Ideas from the class scheduling task force were discussed.  Mike requested ideas about MWF class schedule and discovered a lack of enthusiasm for MWF classes 8-6 among chairs. 


  1. The “marketable skills goal” in 60x30TX will be returned to the agenda in a future meeting.
  2. CAD update and miscellaneous Items:
    1. Mike indicated that fellowship applications and grants are still going out of the university without going through appropriate channels. Jessica must know about ALL fellowship and grant applications.  She can also assist with the applications and grants.
    2. Documents describing major, minor, and faculty totals were submitted.
    3. Documents from E&A describing faculty hiring were distributed.
    4. NSSE snapshot sent by email was briefly discussed.
    5. Department of Labor has changed exempt salary rules.  A description of these changes was distributed.
    6. Additional information about how student workers are employed was requested from Mike.
  3. The date for DAAA event was announced as April 8, 2017, at 6 PM.
  4. Around the table
    1. Britt asked faculty to encourage REP grant applications; TRIP funds have been used and more than 50% of applications in Liberal Arts have been funded.
    2. Lucy requested clarification about what constitutes research travel.
    3. Manda offered her office to help with student recruitment by explaining how LA degrees offer marketable skills.

      Meeting ended at 4:15 PM.
Minutes 9.28.16 (DOCX, 32 KB)