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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2017


Liberal Arts Council

11 January 2017, 2:00 pm, FH 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Recording: Susan Day
Present: Council members: Bill Kelemen, Lucy Harney, Dennis Dunn, Mary Brennan, Beth Erhart, Ron Hagelman (for Alberto Giordano), Chad Smith, Dan Lochman, Ken Grasso, Britt Bousman

Absent: Nancy Grayson, Audwin Anderson, Manda Anderson, Craig Hanks

Guests: Miriam Williams, Ross McEwen


  1. The Liberal Arts Awards Day PPS, with changes agreed upon last summer, was distributed. 

(See attached.)Lists of students who qualify for awards will be sent to chairs and directors.Changes to the PPS were unanimously accepted by the Council.

  1. Academic Computer Committee proposals

Instructions for submitting Academic Computer Proposals were distributed to chairs in Modern Languages, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology.  Britt Bousman will draft comments.  Signature pages must be signed by each chair, Dr. Williams and Dean Hennessy. 

Draft proposals from four departments were presented.  Modern Languages will request 25 computers for student language labs to replace six-year old computers.  Political Science will request 32 computers for the Westlaw Classroom Computing Lab to replace five-year old computers used by various classes, Pace, and Legal Studies students.  Psychology will request ten computers to be used in various statistics labs; three will be purchased by Psychology and ten are requested from the ACC.  Sociology will request computers for two labs: nine computers to replace four-year old computers in the classroom teaching lab used by Sociology, Agriculture, and English; and six five-year old computers, as well as a printer, in the statistics Computing Center. 


  1. Dean Hennessy noted that development leave recipients have been announced.
  2. Dean Hennessy noted that professors who use public media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) should be aware of the potential consequences (threats, hate mail, etc.) of such practices.
  3. Around the table
  • The Obama Legacy conference will be February 2-3 in the LBJ Student Center.
  • The transition to Office 365 was discussed.  The transition to Faculty Qualifications (from TK20) was discussed.
  • Potential changes to Study Abroad faculty compensation were discussed.



The meeting ended at 3:30 PM.


Minutes 1.11.17 (DOCX, 100 KB)