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Liberal Arts Council Minutes

Liberal Arts Council Minutes

November 1, 2017

2:00 PM—Flowers Hall 230

Presiding: Dean Mary Brennan
Present: Council members:
Audwin Anderson, Susan Day (recording), Dennis Dunn, Beth Erhart, Alberto Giordano, Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Angela Murphy, Aimee Roundtree, Chad Smith.

Absent: no one

Guests: Manda Anderson, AVPAA Vedaraman Sriraman


The minutes from 10.18.17 were unanimously approved after being moved by Dr. Erhart and seconded by Dr. Grasso. 

Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs reported that the proposed “Smart Infrastructure Civil Engineering” program, to begin in 2019, must have 130 or fewer required hours to be approved by the Coordinating Board.  The Texas State proposal has too many hours according to reviewers, and the solution offered by Dr. Sriraman is to increase options in the Texas Academic Core component area.  Dr. Sriraman asked to add Math 2472 and MATH 2473 and PHYS 2425 courses (in addition to those already in 030 Life and Physical Sciences) to the (090) Component Area.  He indicated this change should be attractive only to math, physics, and engineering students.  He asked chairs to support this change in order to implement this program.  Discussion ensued. The discussion is tabled until additional information, including number of students who would use this alternative, is acquired from the GEC Council and other sources.

The Council unanimously approved the Liberal Arts courses in the Courseleaf CIM, which had been approved and forwarded by the LACCC, on a motion by Dr. Lochman and second by Dr. Giordano.

The Council unanimously approved the Liberal Arts program changes on the 2017-2018 LA Curriculum TRACS site, which had been approved and forwarded by the LACCC, on a motion by Dr. Lochman and a second by Dr. Grasso.

The Council unanimously approved the proposed Minor in Latina/o Studies, which had been approved and forwarded by the LACCC, on a motion by Dr. Anderson and a second by Dr. Murphy, and with the understanding that the new Director will be able to make changes should they be necessary.

CAD Update

  • Dean Brennan asked Departments to notify Meredith wants if their department does not have an indirect cost account. 
  • Dean Brennan reminded chairs about submitting 2016-2017 Plan Progress templates by 11/15.
  • Dean Brennan reminded chairs that COLA Community Awards are at 5 pm today.
  • Dean Brennan asked chairs whether departmental core MATH requirements are clearly stated in the catalog.  Manda will copy math statements and send to chairs and the chair in Mathematics.
  • A handout from Dr. Thorne describing criteria for making budget decisions was provided.  Dean Brennan noted the history of the research release.  Dr. Day described the history of the annual evaluation policy and teaching loads.
  • Dean Brennan reminded chairs of the need for more graduate students.
  • Dean Brennan asked chairs what faculty and students are saying and feeling about various events (bomb threats, racist communiques) on campus. 


Around the table

  • Two chairs noted that faculty have asked why Texas State has not implemented an electronic T&P process, noting that it has been promised for several years.


  • Dr. Giordano asked how merit will be distributed in professors’ paychecks.   


The meeting ended at 4:09 p.m.

Minutes 11.1.17 (DOCX, 122 KB)