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Liberal Arts Council Minutes

Liberal Arts Council Minutes

November 15, 2017

2:00 PM—Flowers Hall 230

Presiding: Dean Mary Brennan
Present: Council members:
Audwin Anderson, Susan Day (recording), Dennis Dunn, Beth Erhart, Alberto Giordano, Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Angela Murphy, Chad Smith.

Absent: Aimee Roundtree

Guests: Ginger Williams (Library) and Dr. Cathy Jaffe (Modern Languages)


The minutes from unanimously approved after a motion by Dr. Grasso and a second by Dr. Kelemen.


Ginger Williams and Dr. Cathy Jaffe to discussed Library allocations, which have been changed because 70% of library purchases are now are for electronic resources.  Multi-year contracts account for $4M of the budget, allowing for reduced costs.   Serials, no longer purchased through department allocations, are purchased in lower cost bundles from publishers. Department allocations for specific department needs on a title-by-title, one-time-purchase basis are available through departments’ subject librarians who negotiate purchases each year.  Adjustment requests by subject librarians can lead to more funds for a department. 

In subsequent discussions, the book renewal process surfaced as a problem for research faculty.  Faculty who want to keep books for a longer period of time are inconvenienced by the new renewal process.  Changes in the Library formula omitting department SCH were also questioned.  Ms. Williams indicated that the Library staff sought a simpler formula using variables producing a fairer distribution of resources.   The library adjustment process is designed to “make-up” for whatever unfairness remains.  Ms. Williams said faculty should make requests for whatever they need even if funds are unavailable, so that a better understanding of what the facultys need emerges.  Departments can create standing orders for needed resources through their subject librarians.


Dean Brennan asked for the book renewal process to be put on-line.


Dr. Cathy Jaffe, the College representative to the Faculty Qualifications subcommittee, will take faculty concerns to the FQ subcommittee.  A customizable CV is now available in FQ. She noted that the Faculty Qualifications Faculty Profile function will be available July 2018, allowing faculty members to search the FQ site to find others with similar research or teaching interests.


AA/PPS 04.01.25 was distributed.  Chairs were reminded to appoint program coordinators following the rules indicated in para 03.01. Dean Brennan asked for comments about AA/PPS 04.01.25 to be sent to her and indicated that she will seek clarification about whether senior lecturers and staff positions are eligible to be program coordinators.


The Academic Computing Committee proposal process has changed this semester.  Jeremy Wells in Political Science is the new Liberal Arts representative to the ACC.  Geography and Psychology chairs will meet with Mr. Wells and Dean Brennan to will submit proposals.  


Dean Brennan proposed a meeting for Graduate Advisors to share concerns and solutions to current problems.  In addition, she wants to discuss strategies for each department to increase their graduate programs by at least one student each.  A “Doodle” poll will be created to create a time when the greatest number of advisors can attend. 


A motion was made by Dr. Lochman and seconded by Dr. Giordano to support President Trauth’s decision to suspend the Greek system.  The Council unanimously asked Dean Brennan to send a supportive message to President Trauth. 


Around the table

Chairs agreed with a proposal by Susan Day to invite representatives from ACC and SAC early next year to work with articulation agreements with departments. 


A motion was made by Dr. Hanks and seconded by Dr. Grasso to recommend to the Gen Ed council retention of the current General Education core. The motion read “The LAC encourages the General Education Council to support maintaining the existing general education core, which is the result of thoughtful consideration, over many years, by university faculty, and which forms the appropriate foundation of undergraduate education at Texas State.”



The meeting ended at 3.27 p.m.

Minutes 11.15.17 (DOCX, 124 KB)