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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2017

Liberal Arts Council

February 15, 2017

2:00 Pm - Flowers Hall 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Present: Council members: Audwin Anderson, Britt Bousman, Mary Brennan, Susan Day (recording), Dennis Dunn, Beth Erhart, Alberto Giordano, Ken Grasso, Nancy Grayson, Craig Hanks, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Chad Smith

Absent: Lucy Harney


The minutes of 2.8.17 were approved unanimously.


Approval for deletion of ANTH 3376T: Scientific Diving for Resource Management, was unanimous.


Hiring Freeze Update: Temporary employees are exempt from hiring freeze unless they are hired with salary savings from frozen positions.  Per course hires for summer 2017 will be part of a batch request.  Graduate students can be hired to assist with extension courses.  REP funds may be used to hire students.  Use of start-up funds for hiring students depends on results of a batch waiver request now under consideration at the state level. 


COLA Strategic Plan (HO): The Liberal Arts Strategic plan will incorporate department plans by reference. Requests for new lines may need to be linked to specific departments rather than the overall needs of the college. Marketable degrees, research, and the promotion of the value of the liberal arts will be part of the college plan.


Health Scholars Showcase: Dean Hennessy circulated the program for the 2.10.2017 showcase.  Fifteen COLA faculty members presented six posters in the showcase.


CAD Items

  • Terminal Degree Policy (HO): Each department must designate appropriate terminal degrees following the template distributed. Department policies will be submitted to Gaye Korenek, copying Pat Heath, by May 26, 2017.
  • Sponsored Program Expenditures (HO): COLA increased the number of submitted proposals from 83 (FY15) to 113 (FY16).
  • Reorganization in AVP Research & Federal Relations Office (HO): OSP is being reorganized into functional areas that will be evaluated as support areas having a team approach.
  • Honors College Initiative: For the upcoming strategic planning cycle, the Honors College will be emphasized as a potential high-quality program with outstanding Arts and Sciences students to increase the likelihood of getting a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.
  • Admissions Reports: The University has reached 93% of its goal for undergraduate applications and 91% for admissions. Transfer applications are now higher than last year.  Liberal Arts admissions are up 60 percent. 
  • Ideas for Hillviews articles to Julie Cooper:  Ms. Cooper is writing articles related to Texas State alums who have acquired jobs as a result of unique circumstances or uncommon relationships at Texas State.  Ideas should be directed to Ms. Cooper.


  • Call for QEP Themes:  It is time for a new Quality Enhancement Plan theme; the last QEP was PACE.  A team will select from ideas related to student success.  Submissions will be sought in March and April.  The new QEP will be implemented in 2020 and evaluated in 2025.
  • Alkek Library Closed Spring Break: Alkek Library will be closed for spring break.  Electric repairs must be made.  On-line services will be available.


  • HSI Status Reaffirmed:  The Hispanic Serving Institution status of Texas State University has been reaffirmed.  The percent of enrolled Hispanic students is a necessary, but not sufficient, criterion for reaffirmation.

Around the table

  • Dr. Grayson and Dr. Smith: Students with disabilities can be assisted as necessary during the Commencement ceremony. The Advising Center assists COLA majors; the Graduate College does the same for graduate students.


  • Texas State has been named a Peace Corps prep program.  Students earn a Peace Corps certificate by taking a series of courses related to international dimensions. The certificate will enhance their chances of getting into the Peace Corps.   Jeremy Pena facilitated this prep program.
Minutes 2.15.17 (DOCX, 111 KB)