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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2017

Liberal Arts Council Minutes

July 26, 2017

2:00 PM—Flowers Hall 230


Presiding: Dean Michael Hennessy
Present: Council members:
Audwin Anderson, Britt Bousman, Mary Brennan, Dennis Dunn, Susan Day (recording), Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Chad Smith.

Absent: Beth Erhart, Alberto Giordano

Guests: Dr. Yongmei Lu (for Giordano), Dr. Gloria Martinez.


Equity and Access issues:

Dr. Gilda Garcia introduced her new employee, Deputy Title IX Analyst and EEO Compliance Specialist Julia Ohrendorf. 

Dr. Gilda Garcia noted that we are still observing Tile IX.  If a student has been a victim of sexual misconduct, we are obligated to report with the goal of keeping students safe.  Reporting of incidents has increased each year, this year by almost 100% over last year.        

Dr. Gilda Garcia discussed hiring issues. The university’s faculty block ad requires submission by August 1, 2017.  She reminded us about the requirement for equity in hiring.  Her handout is attached.


The 6.14.17 minutes were approved.


A program change request from Sociology (Sustainability MA) was approved.  The change obviates the necessity for waiver-requests to financial aid by specifying free electives.


Tentative plans for Latina/o Studies and African American Studies degrees were discussed as a College of Liberal Arts initiative.  Problems related to the structure of the current department-independent minors were noted, including the lack of first-call classrooms and reliance on other departments for faculty assignments.  The Provost has endorsed the need for a line at the associate professor level for each minor to create, develop, and teach the curriculum.  The implications for current minors and departmental hiring were discussed.


Around the table:

Britt Bousman asked chairs to please respond to his faculty accomplishments request.

Lucy Harney asked who is responsible for fulfilling extension faculty computer needs.

Dennis Dunn noted that Texas State is the only Texas university to receive a Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program Scholarship. International Studies will support the first Texas State graduate student to receive this scholarship this fall.  

Dr. Martinez will be scheduling two meetings to discuss the Latina/o American minor on August 30, 1-3 p.m. in Alkek 105-06 and on September 6, 1-3 p.m. in UAC 471. 

Dr. Hennessy reported that Dr. Grayson is doing very well.


The meeting ended at 3:07 p.m.

Minutes 7.26.17 (DOCX, 113 KB)