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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2018

Liberal Arts Council Minutes

September 12, 2018

2:00 PM—Flowers Hall 230

Presiding: Dean Mary Brennan
Present: Council members:
Audwin Anderson, Susan Day (recording), Beth Erhart, Craig Hanks, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Yongmei Lu, Angela Murphy, John Mckiernan-Gonzalez, Ken Grasso, Lucy Harney, Aimee Roundtree, Chad Smith

Absent: Paul Hart

Guests: Mary Ellen Cavitt


Dr. Mary Ellen Cavitt, Assistant Vice President for Academic Services, provided a PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Classroom Management and Emergencies.” The following points were emphasized:

  • Professors may not know what to do, so presentation will be sent to Dean Brennan, who will send it to chairs who can give it to faculty.
  • Faculty are responsible for classroom management.
  • Discourteous/disruptive students can be asked to leave classroom.
  • Expectations for classroom behavior should be given to students.  A sample is provided in the presentation handout.
  • Faculty should plan specific reactions to specific situations. Examples were provided.
  • Honor code violations through “GROUPME” were discussed. Technology-based cheating was exposed.
  • Academic freedom in the faculty member’s area of specialization is assured.  Controversial topics should be discussed in relation to area of expertise.
  • Safety in the classroom is not the result of intervention by others.  Professors must know and must tell students what they will do in the instance of a campus alert. Building safety officers must be identified.  Stairwells are fire zones; students with disabilities should be ported there in the case of an emergency. Evacuation and shelter procedures are being developed.
  • Responses by the Behavior Assessment Team (BAT) were explained. A new computer program that will assess threat and send the threat to the correct party for action was mentioned.
  • Visiting groups of minor children on campus must be registered, using a form on Dr. Cavitt’s office’s home page, three days prior to their coming to campus.
  • Chairs and professors should be proactive about these issues and their responses to unsafe situations.
  • A request was made to include the address of all classrooms in a prominent and secure place in that classroom.  Dr. Cavitt said she would ask that to be done. 


Reiko Graham (RG30), COLA representative to QEP Taskforce, asked the Council to send her a list of the undergraduate research-related extracurricular processes ongoing in their departments by Wednesday, September 19, 2018.  She offered to provide additional information or to answer questions about this QEP, for which there is no budget. 


The minutes of 9.12.18 were unanimously approved after a motion in support by Dr. Kelemen and a second by Dr. Grasso. 


Dean Brennan discussed time keeping with members of the Council and asked direct reports to send her their time sheets, using a form distributed at the meeting, weekly.  She is approving time each week for direct reports. Human Resources initiates time audits for all retirees. She will amend the form to include Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of the week and send reminders each Friday morning.


Dean Brennan reminded chairs that they need to send student names for her Advisory Boards by 9.15.18.


Dean Brennan will send flyers about paid internships for students.


Dr. Scott Bowman, Special Assistant to Provost for Inclusion and Diversity, will provide information to search committees in a future group meeting.


Dean Brennan reminded chairs that faculty must tell chairs whether they will apply for faculty development leaves by 9.15.18.  Dean Brennan also reminded chairs that forms related to related to outside employment and relative employment should be completed.


Dean Brennan noted that the COLA will need to nominate a replacement for Dr. Hindson on the GEC.  She asked chairs to be thinking about who their nominee should be.


Human Resources is standardizing organization charts and putting together a standard compensation package explanation.


A Workload Taskforce is rewriting the policy related to faculty workload. Cathy Jaffe is the COLA representative and will be communicating with LAC about the issues that appear in the taskforce.


Dr. Roundtree will distribute promotional items about Innovation Day (9.24.18).  Chairs and directors should send the names of students who want to attend and get lunch to her. 

Dr. Harney asked whether staff members are being given raises, if there is money in the staff line. The answer is not at this time.


Susan Day reminded Council members about the CIM training in UAC342 on Friday.  There are two sessions, from 8:30-10 and 10:30-noon. 


Dr. Lochman announced his planned retirement for 8.31.19.  The process for selecting a new chair has begun in the Department. 


The meeting ended at 3:43 p.m.





Minutes 9.12.2018 (DOCX, 21 KB)