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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2018

Liberal Arts Council Minutes

November 07, 2018

2:00 PM—Flowers Hall 230

Presiding: Dean Mary Brennan
Present: Council members:
Audwin Anderson, Susan Day (recording), Beth Erhart, Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Dan Lochman, Yongmei Lu, Angela Murphy, John Mckiernan-Gonzalez, Aimee Roundtree, Chad Smith

Absent: Paul Hart (unable to attend because of teaching schedule) Manda Anderson (in training)

Guests: None


The minutes of 10.17.18 were unanimously approved after a motion in support by Dr. Grasso and a second by Dr. Erhart. 


The University’s next capital campaign will focus on Big Ideas.  Donors who give larger sums like to contribute something of lasting value and University Advancement will request Big Ideas that may be attractive to donors. Dr. Kelemen suggested a clinic staffed by students and post docs that consolidate all the services of the various on-campus clinics in one place, convenient to the community and to students. Dean Brennan noted that we are not limited to one idea when she reminded LAC of the earlier interest in a Humanities Resource Center.  February 15, 2019, is the deadline for Big Ideas.


Dean Brennan noted that strategic plan updates will be due before Christmas break.


Dean Brennan distributed current endowments provided by University Advancement showing this year’s as yet unspent funds in the “pink” columns (2nd to last).  Kimberly Garrett should be told now if there is a reason the funds will not be spent by the end of the fiscal year.  She can also answer questions. 


Dean Brennan distributed the August 2019 beginning-of-the academic year schedule.  Convocation will be on the Tuesday before the Friday on which it has been scheduled in the past because President Trauth must attend a BOR meeting on that Friday.  New faculty orientation will be the same Tuesday.  COLA will have standard meetings on the Friday before classes begin on Monday. 


Susan Day provided the following reminders at the request of staff members:

November 12 is the deadline for chairs and directors to submit bonus award paperwork to Jamie Donaldson.

November 16 is the deadline for chairs and directors to submit Fall 2018 Faculty Workload Reports to Stella LoPachin.


Dean Brennan will be completing a three-minute video greeting for potential COLA students.  She and Dr. Roundtree will create the script, and they asked for suggestions from LAC.


Academic Affairs has chosen to give faculty and staff an automatic 1% raise.  Administrative assistants will not have to complete PCRs as this will be a completely automatic process. 


There were announcements and questions from around the table.

Dr. Roundtree requested invitations from Sociology, Modern Language, Phil and PSY meet with faculty in order to complete the needs assessments she promised.  She also noted that University Marketing wants 2018-19 “stories” from academic departments about the research done by their students around the state and the world.  She will contact chairs and directors for the requested information.


Dr. Harney had questions about the sick leave policy.  Dean Brennan noted that faculty should take sick leave when they are ill. 


Dr. Lu thanked everyone for their support of Geography’s Race and Place Conference.

Dr. Murphy introduced the problem of “quizlets” in academic courses.  Librarian Margaret Vaverek indicated to the History faculty that classroom materials created by faculty are copyrighted, and that faculty can request their work be taken down from the internet.  Dr. Murphy will forward Ms. Vaverek’s specific advice to LAC.

Dr. Mckiernan-Gonzalez reminded chairs and directors of the Sarah Lynn Lopez lecture, part of the ‘This Southwest Moment’ Speakers Series organized by Dr. Audwin Anderson, Dr. Gloria Martinez, and himself, to be held on Monday, November 12, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. in Brazos Hall.  He also thanked everyone for their support of all events in the Center for the Study of the Southwest.


Dr. Hanks mentioned that American Association for the Advancement of Science will be here Friday, November 9.


Dr. Lochman noted that he was impressed by the work of Louie Valencia who organized the remembrance, which will be held Friday, November 9, at 12:30 p.m., for the 80th anniversary of Krystallnacht.


The meeting ended at 2:53 p.m.




Minutes 11.7.18 (DOCX, 17 KB)