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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2019

Liberal Arts Council Minutes 

October 2, 2019 

2:00 PM—Flowers Hall 230 



Presiding: Dean Mary Brennan
Present: Council members: 
Audwin Anderson, Manda Anderson, Susan Day (recording), Beth Erhart, Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Angela Murphy, Yongmei LuJohn Mckiernan-Gonzalez, Aimee Roundtree, Vicki Smith, Chad Smith

Guests: Dr. Richard Krieg


Absent:  Paul Hart


The minutes, amended to include Dr. Grasso as present, of 9.11.19 were unanimously approved by a vote of the Council on a motion by Dr. Grasso and a second by Dr. C. Smith.  

Dr. Richard Krieg, Visiting Professor Texas State University and editor of Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy Editorial Board, addressed the Council, after the members introduced themselves.  He described the Journal, which is published by the Policy Studies Organization and will offer its inaugural issue in spring 2020.  The notion of critical infrastructure encompasses sixteen sectors, all of which are crucial to the society and are under frequent and serious threat. Submissions are sought from numerous disciplines including engineering, computer science, and the social sciences. Submissions can be at the following levels of critical infrastructure: policy, community, systems, and emergency management.  He encouraged submissions from Liberal Arts departments and solicited peer review applicants.  Dr. Roundtree indicated that the Journal needs to be indexed, and that it should also encourage submissions from humanistic disciplines.  He will send n electronic description of the Journal to Dr. Roundtree.

Dr. Roundtree spoke to the Council about college-wide social media.  She requested the names of departmental technology and social media experts (faculty and staff) from each chair and director. In addition, she indicated that she would be promoting events for all departments, and that she wants to meet with each department to discuss department messaging and branding.  Decisions will be made about which stories will be sent out from the College and which from the departments.  She wants departments to put all event announcements and accomplishments on social media, then she can decide which stories to amplify in light of College goals and metrics.  Submission forms for events, accolades, and other news items have worked well in some departments.

Dr. Day relayed information about SACSCOC and assessment and the curriculum. She indicated that Drs. Wuest and Olson are adamant that departments submit their spring SLOs by May 15, which is 16 days earlier than in previous years.  In addition, she noted that the deadline for submitting outcomes and methods for the 2019-2020 cycle, including any changes, was September 30 and that Drs. Wuest and Olson rquired them to be concise and precise.  With reference to the curriculum cycle, she referenced a previously emailed handout demonstrates what the LACCC will be looking for in proposals. 

Dean Brennan thanked the chairs and directors for their contributions to COLA week.  She reported that students enjoyed the events and prizes, and she indicated that a number of students learned about minors and classes in COLA.

The budget meeting in CAD included a discussion of graduate student unionizing. Next year’s university budget may also include a raise, but the percent increase has not yet been decided.  Fall 2019 enrollment is down about 400 students, although our freshman class is the largest in our history. A new housing facility is being planned with idea that student costs will be 20% less than other facilities.  The system office is encouraging the administration encourage open-source textbooks and to find other ways to cut textbook costs.  

Dean Brennan noted internal auditors have indicated that some departments in the University have huge reserves in electronic course fees, and the administration wants faculty who teach on line to be paid that percentage of their salary and fringe out of course fees.  The money needs to be “hard-wired” into academic affairs’ budgets so that monies cannot be swept by other divisions.

Dean Brennan affirmed that all departments must have a process for how faculty report sick leave.

The University has again been invited to send applicants to the Carnegie Fellows Program.  Dr. Roundtree indicated that to win, faculty should have written a book and have a national or international reputation as indicated by awards.

Dean Brennan circulated the tenure track evaluation schedule.  Much discussion ensued about both the importance and onerousness of various reviews.

Dean Brennan reported that the Alumni Association provides lists of alumni to departments if asked.


No one had around-the table comments.


The meeting ended at 3:50 p.m.


Minutes.10.2.19 (DOCX, 20 KB)