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Liberal Arts Council Minutes 2019

Minutes—Liberal Arts Council

November 20, 2019—12:30 p.m.


Presiding: Dean Mary Brennan
Present: Council members:
Audwin Anderson, Manda Anderson, Susan Day (recording), Beth Erhart, Ken Grasso, Craig Hanks, Lucy Harney, Bill Kelemen, Yongmei Lu, John Mckiernan-Gonzalez (late), Angela Murphy, Vicki Smith, Chad Smith

Guests:  Scott Christensen

Absent:  Paul Hart (in class), Aimee Roundtree (IRB meeting)


The minutes of 11.6.19 were unanimously approved by a vote of the Council on a motion by Dr. C. Smith and a second by Dr. Grasso. 


The nomination process for the Garron Guszak scholarship was explained.  Lists of eligible majors will be sent to chairs by the end of the week.


Dean Brennan asked chairs to remind their Personnel Committee representatives to include extensive (more than three sentences) remarks about nominees. She also asked chairs to explain discipline standards and terms in their written remarks.


Chairs (V. Smith, Lu, Grasso, Kelemen) submitting Academic Computer Committee proposals explained the reasons for and worth of their proposals.  Dean Brennan will rank the proposals and forward her rankings and remarks to the ACC by the Friday deadline.


Off agenda,  Dean Brennan announced that Academic Advisors and the Chairs will meet in the new year to discuss issues, including a centralized place to explain overrides and other issues to students. 


CAD update

  • The library staff is interested in electronic journal packages.  They hope to join a consortium which includes A&M and its satellites, to better negotiate with Elsevier, whose contract with Texas State ends in 2020.
  • Dan Perry asked chairs who have events or who are traveling, to partner with University Advancement to create events for our alumni who like to engage with the University.  UA will fund and do much of the work for such events.
  • Graduate research assistants who started as GAs in degree start-up packages are the subject of interest by the Provost’s office.
  • Chairs were asked to discuss with their faculty whether tenured and tenure-track faculty must live in the area to be on faculty.  President Trauth may create a policy that requires faculty to live in “easy-commuting distance.” 


The Texas State System Board of Regents will allow Texas State to impose only 2.6% tuition increase, thus eliminating the possibility of raises for 2020-2021, but the BOR will allow differentiated tuition ($10/$20) in Business and Science/Technology courses in order to boost University revenues. 


Off agenda,  Dean Brennan noted that students will incur a late fee for registration after December 1, 2019.  Dean Brennan asked chairs to meet with her after that date to discuss classes, workload, and enrollments so that changes can be made before the new year.


Around the table

  • Dr. V. Smith asked whether a meeting would be scheduled to discuss strategic planning. Dean Brennan said that such a  meeting would occur in January.
  • Dr. A. Murphy thanked chairs for their help with the new History course proposals.
  • Dr. Lu asked whether official enrollment numbers had been certified.  Discussion ensued and the issue was not resolved.  Dean Brennan will ask IR.
  • Dr. John Mckiernan-Gonzalez announced events.


The meeting ended at 1:10 p.m.



Minutes 11.20.19 (DOCX, 19 KB)