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Bringing Health Organizations and the Public Closer on Social Media

May 25, 2018
Organizations use social media as a tool for interacting with the public. Nowhere could this goal be more useful and helpful than in the health industry. In medicine, hospitals and health care organizations try to leverage social media for outreach and education—unfortunately with mixed results. A new study by Aimee Kendall Roundtree, professor ...

Youth Culture Fought Fascism in Francoist Spain

May 25, 2018
In an era ruled by a dictatorship, Madrid’s youth emerged as a force for democracy and resistance. In Antiauthoritarian Youth Culture in Francoist Spain (Bloomsbury Press, 2018), Louie Dean Valencia-Garcia, assistant professor of history, explores the role of young people in shaping a democratic Spain. Valencia-Garcia describes how the punk scen...

Conflicting Accounts of Gandhi’s First Encounter with Christianity

May 25, 2018
A lot of what we know about Gandhi’s early life is generally pulled from autobiographical accounts. Unfortunately, these sources describing his life stories are problematic because they are told by a potentially unreliable narrator–namely, Gandhi himself. In a new article, “The Mahatma and the Missionary: Gandhi’s Conflicting Accounts of His Fir...

Looking to the Past, Student Heads Toward the Future

May 23, 2018
A college campus is a place where students explore and celebrate their identities. It’s where they get involved, and find out who they are and what matters most. Such was the case for Russell Boyd, recent graduate from the Public Administration program in the Department of Political Science. Boyd wanted to make a difference. So, […]

Community Action Abroad for an International Studies Student

May 23, 2018
Daisy Jaimez recalls the moment when an eleven-year-old student asked her in Spanish, “Ms. Daisy, how do you say that word?” She was teaching poetry to a group of first-generation seventh-graders from Spanish-speaking homes. For many, the English language comes easy. But for young people in the U.S. growing up in homes where English is the […]